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Post #147783379 added 06-11-2021 12:48 PM by b534202 in Deal Talk
Got the rebates today! Got 2 jugs, paid $30 + tax with 50% store closing discount, and got $60 back. Nice MM.
Post #147458551 added 05-25-2021 10:51 AM by MaroonPear7837 in Deal Talk
I wanted to try this but decided not to. Even though it wont matter by then, please post an update if you got the rebate!
Post #146970368 added 04-30-2021 11:55 AM by b534202 in Deal Talk
Well this is the last one for me. My local Pepboys is closing and everything is on sale. I got 50% off on oil so hope this turns into a MM. Might need to look into the other items on the rebate...
Post #146868680 added 04-25-2021 9:04 PM by jdg33 in Deal Talk
this rebate keeps on going. in for another 2 PBA-210501 - Pep Boys May Retail Offer Offer Dates April 25, 2021 - May 22, 2021
Post #146828540 added 04-23-2021 3:21 PM by NMIMW in Deal Talk
Submitted rebate on 3/14. My status changed from "Pending" to "In Process - Your rebate is valid and is scheduled for final processing. Please refer to your rebate form for estimated processing...
Post #146791247 added 04-22-2021 12:22 AM by poohbie in Deal Talk
Last I read, motor oils have indefinite shelf life, much longer than 5 years.
Post #146782097 added 04-21-2021 3:07 PM by juvenescence in Deal Talk
Thanks for the info. Since I only go through a single jug a year (drive around 3k miles a year, change oil based on time) I don't really need more than 1 extra jug stored at any given time.
Post #146780807 added 04-21-2021 1:59 PM by nottrollin in Deal Talk
For future reference, I did get my rebate and it was for the full $30 even though I only paid $22.50 . So it's not just Free synthetic oil, it's free oil with Money Made on top of that.
Post #146778728 added 04-21-2021 12:34 PM by nottrollin in Deal Talk
I just found out the Pepboys closest to me and couple others in town are going out of the Retail business. Everything on the shelves is 40% off. As someone who has seen the amount of 'Free After...
Post #146727860 added 04-19-2021 11:00 AM by CouponFinder99 in Deal Talk
This is a legit deal.
Post #146719139 added 04-18-2021 10:29 PM by k1ngkev1n1 in Deal Talk
Just got my second rebate. Pretty much says processing until it was mailed I guess first one took a long time 2nd I got same time as first which is weird, But 2 for 2 and picked up 2 more jugs for...
Post #146717558 added 04-18-2021 8:35 PM by rczrider in Deal Talk
That makes me feel better, since at last check, mine still reported in process. I submitted on March 7. EDIT: Just checked and now it says "Status : In Process Your rebate is valid and is...
Post #146705438 added 04-18-2021 8:13 AM by k1ngkev1n1 in Deal Talk
Just got my rebate as well for 2 jugs for the first offer. My 2nd one for 2 jugs is approved as well waiting for that one. Going to get 2 more jugs for this current offer now. Seems like a great deal...
Post #146690657 added 04-17-2021 10:35 AM by DeeDon in Deal Talk
Just reporting that I got my rebate the other day for 2 jugs. I was getting worried coz it was pending the whole time before that. Took about 6 weeks from submission. This turned out to be a slick...
Post #146679206 added 04-16-2021 4:13 PM by aleki in Deal Talk
pretty much indefinitely
Post #146677637 added 04-16-2021 2:52 PM by bud8jr in Deal Talk
Got 3 out of 4 for $30 each. The email said the 4th one is processing.
Post #146675756 added 04-16-2021 1:18 PM by juvenescence in Deal Talk
How long is this oil good for unopened on a shelf? Cause it feels like some of you guys are buying like 10 jugs a year
Post #146620301 added 04-13-2021 10:57 PM by kaiotes in Deal Talk
i sent in mine 3/6, just got alert that it's on its way for $60. not sure why you guys are having issues. submitted for another 60 today for April's.
Post #146607848 added 04-13-2021 12:03 PM by winglik7 in Deal Talk
Submitted rebate for 2 5gal, total should be $60, but only recieving $30, I was able to chat with a rebate rep and have it fix. tooks 2+ months for the rebate to come in. over all. good deal!
Post #146558846 added 04-10-2021 7:07 PM by jdg33 in Deal Talk
Its LEGIT received $60 card today total time 6 weeks. Anyone got rebate then returned oil? LOL
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