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Post #147590176 added 06-01-2021 11:28 AM by Gorman01 in Deal Talk
Post #146963195 added 04-30-2021 4:26 AM by appleguy82 in Deal Talk
I just read an article online starting May nvidia will patch thr firmware so that unlock firmware won't work anymore. Do you guys think this will ship with the new firmware ? Or the old one which we...
Post #146916209 added 04-27-2021 10:50 PM by CrimsonFog7851 in Deal Talk
HP supervisor seems to aggressive …even try to give you more discount to keep the order ..which specs did you order ? I just ordered mine one day ago for $1173 spec in the front page and I also want...
Post #146909777 added 04-27-2021 4:47 PM by FarmerPeter in Deal Talk
This is definitely a ymmv, but I decided I wanted to cancel my order. Needed a supervisor because it was over 24 hours. Supervisor offered $50 to keep it. I declined, but if anyone ordered and is on...
Post #146894936 added 04-27-2021 6:47 AM by sdaddict001 in Deal Talk
Thanks and actually I incorrectly assumed it was 4 or 5 per month but its really per day rate so yea that definitely is 100+ a month.
Post #146894777 added 04-27-2021 6:36 AM by terirozek in Deal Talk
all my 3070s are running are around 61.56 MH/s. You gotta set it up properly.
Post #146894108 added 04-27-2021 5:52 AM by Bl00dyMinded in Deal Talk
I'll DM you.
Post #146894090 added 04-27-2021 5:51 AM by Bl00dyMinded in Deal Talk
LOL it's a hobby dude.. And no heat if you setup your cards correctly. Both rooms are cool and not loud. Spending money ;)
Post #146893685 added 04-27-2021 5:15 AM by mwgrad in Deal Talk
Keep in mind, the person you are quoting is referencing 3070s, not the 3060 in this machine. In regards to his 3070 claims..... See -...
Post #146893544 added 04-27-2021 4:55 AM by Kpac628 in Deal Talk
All the options are now gone for me.
Post #146892356 added 04-27-2021 1:01 AM by sdaddict001 in Deal Talk
Is it really possible to get $540 a month with three of these? Seems so unrealistic based on the few articles I just read about mining. Almost all articles say that GPU mining is dead. This card...
Post #146891396 added 04-26-2021 10:46 PM by GuanabanaPR in Deal Talk
You need a life. At least he has a career and $540 a month. Oh if you didn't know heat is needed in cold places. 😁 Shh we know the public system failed you but that's the truth. It's called...
Post #146891333 added 04-26-2021 10:37 PM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
That information in HP Landing page is incorrect. They just game the Ports in the back side. below is the full details: Back I/O ports (1) RJ-45 Ethernet port (1) HDMI 1.4b/HDCP 2.2 port (1)...
Post #146891285 added 04-26-2021 10:28 PM by veggiemite in Deal Talk
Exactly they had me confused. What IT professional in the Bay Area or urban area would be wasting time with this. Quicker investing rsu or other gains.... Unless they meant IT professional like...
Post #146891249 added 04-26-2021 10:22 PM by veggiemite in Deal Talk
Exactly when $540 is a significant amount of money you might as well think about getting a real career 😆. I can't imagine the heat in the room running 3 cards day and night.
Post #146891087 added 04-26-2021 10:03 PM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
Has been answered multiple times in this thread, including the link to the full specification of the motherboard. Read the below Post...
Post #146889221 added 04-26-2021 7:38 PM by Blue1903 in Deal Talk
Can I sell the graphics card and use the pc with the integrated graphics?
Post #146888108 added 04-26-2021 6:41 PM by mwohlgemuth in Deal Talk
Or add 16GB ram, 1TB secondary HD AND apply coupon code 10gamer2021 for 10% off cofigs over $1,399, and it brings it too $1,263.59. $100 more for 16GB and a 1TB HD…
Post #146886248 added 04-26-2021 4:40 PM by CrimsonFog7851 in Deal Talk
What is the cancellation and return policy for HP Customized PC? I am thinking that I should order this one or not as back up…I am Afraid it will be sold out soon because I missed the dell one today
Post #146885495 added 04-26-2021 3:46 PM by lewiscypher in Deal Talk
Kind of odd the motherboard only has usb 2.0.
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