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Post #146983249 added 05-01-2021 12:42 AM by Dead_Cow in Deal Talk
I was an AT&T TV subscriber since they released it as DirecTV Now and had the grandfathered "Go Big" discount. I left AT&T for Philo and couldn't be more pleased. My only gripe is the guide which is...
Post #146975284 added 04-30-2021 2:23 PM by AndrewG8296 in Deal Talk
Sometimes. My TCL Roku tvs use the same remotes. But my Roku stick remote doesn't work on them.
Post #146968613 added 04-30-2021 9:35 AM by iansp in Deal Talk
No its not ...i have trued both and. its certainly not the same !
Post #146965067 added 04-30-2021 6:48 AM by CrimsonPear5906 in Deal Talk
This is basically just rebranded Pluto.
Post #146964095 added 04-30-2021 5:47 AM by bilderberg in Deal Talk
Oh, definitely. But I'm looking for live Discovery, AMC, etc, along with the included dvr functions of Philo. I will keep waiting for a streaming device deal and try the 1 week free trial at least....
Post #146963708 added 04-30-2021 5:13 AM by Iceboie in Deal Talk
But your Samsung Smart TV includes the free Samsung’s TV Plus digital channels. 160 free channels https://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/tvs/tvplus/
Post #146963570 added 04-30-2021 5:02 AM by DoctorLecter in Deal Talk
I tried philo for one month. Could never find anything to watch. Missing most key channels. I know this is a roku deal but just throwing it out there...
Post #146962517 added 04-30-2021 2:24 AM by RiotPenguin in Deal Talk
This is a pre-order? Says it won't arrive until May 19.
Post #146962487 added 04-30-2021 2:18 AM by RiotPenguin in Deal Talk
Edit: looks like you can customize the 2 shortcuts but not the branded ones below it Also, Micro-USB to charge it? Roku why...
Post #146959733 added 04-29-2021 8:46 PM by Pssstyeahyou in Deal Talk
This guy knows! Not only that but the app has a way more detailed ability to setup your device using the app
Post #146958365 added 04-29-2021 7:07 PM by michaelgj2002 in Deal Talk
You can always use the app on your phone or iPad as a remote.
Post #146957450 added 04-29-2021 6:14 PM by bilderberg in Deal Talk
No chromecast or roku streaming device to actually play Philo? Unfortunately my Samsung tv does not support philo.
Post #146954246 added 04-29-2021 3:00 PM by empirefalls1 in Deal Talk
I have owned over 15-20 Rokus going back to when the company started. Some remotes are interchangeable , some are not. Mostly not
Post #146953748 added 04-29-2021 2:36 PM by iansp in Deal Talk
Can the same remote be used on different Rokus in my house ?
Post #146942180 added 04-29-2021 6:27 AM by GreenGuitar4112 in Deal Talk
$30 remote for a device that comes with a remote and costs $30? maybe the remote finder feature will be worth the expense alone for some folks who dont have an ultra
Post #146942030 added 04-29-2021 6:19 AM by TodayOnly in Deal Talk
Post #146941829 added 04-29-2021 6:07 AM by SlickDealio in Deal Talk
Best Buy is offering 1-Month of Philo TV Streaming Service for $1 (New Subscribers) with purchase of Select Products. Example: Add Roku Voice Remote Pro to cart Add 1-Month Philo TV Subscription...

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