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Post #147249742 added 05-13-2021 11:05 PM by del_scorcho in Deal Talk
Back in my day Magic cards were expensive...
Post #147177325 added 05-10-2021 1:38 PM by ConnorC6193 in Deal Talk
Trash packs
Post #147175876 added 05-10-2021 12:35 PM by gaardus in Deal Talk
Although Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards are a concept/mechanic introduced in the Battle Styles set, in the context of these Elite Trainer Boxes it refers only to the design of Urshifu, the...
Post #147152800 added 05-09-2021 10:33 AM by TruthIsOK in Deal Talk
that's a very tough question to answer - all of them lol. The rarer and further out of print they are, the more expensive they are likely to be. Battle Styles I think was a hit among players but...
Post #147146137 added 05-08-2021 11:47 PM by SuperMario640 in Deal Talk
People just want shiny Pokemon, man.
Post #147139240 added 05-08-2021 2:44 PM by duckeggs in Deal Talk
so what's the most popular ones right now?
Post #147137689 added 05-08-2021 1:10 PM by Lanmanna in Deal Talk
What's so good about Shining Fates? Why's it so popular? Been out of the game a while.
Post #147132979 added 05-08-2021 9:07 AM by djpickee in Deal Talk
lol nobody wants this! how sad haha poor battlestylez
Post #147130798 added 05-08-2021 7:15 AM by TruthIsOK in Deal Talk
I think with Chilling Reign releasing in a month, Shining Fates and Vivid Voltage aren't going to be seen around these parts any longer
Post #147130489 added 05-08-2021 6:54 AM by Dyerseve1221 in Deal Talk
One says "single" strike and the other says "rapid" strike?
Post #147130447 added 05-08-2021 6:52 AM by gaardus in Deal Talk
The artwork and color scheme on the included items match the exterior, but the contents are otherwise identical. Same basic energy cards, same quantity of booster packs from the same set, and no...
Post #147127789 added 05-08-2021 12:15 AM by SuperMario640 in Deal Talk
These are really nice sleeves. If you don't care about protecting your cards you are doing yourself a disservice.
Post #147127594 added 05-07-2021 11:54 PM by Splash15 in Deal Talk
Ah didn't know this one came with 8 packs, my champions path etb came with 10.
Post #147127012 added 05-07-2021 10:34 PM by SuperMario640 in Deal Talk
If you just want cards for your kids, buy the "fakes" from Aliexpress for way less. Quality is good enough to play with. Keep the real ones for collectors and save your money.
Post #147126988 added 05-07-2021 10:32 PM by SuperMario640 in Deal Talk
Only if they are in perfect condition after all that time.
Post #147126397 added 05-07-2021 9:43 PM by StriderH1ryu in Deal Talk
Good for kids that just want cards. Battle Styles are way worse than the previous 2 series of Shining Fates and Vivid Voltage. Explains why these 3 sets are still in stock after 12 hours+. Rapidash V...
Post #147124975 added 05-07-2021 8:09 PM by jmamaril21 in Deal Talk
Good deal! because its gonna be out of stock very soon :)
Post #147124780 added 05-07-2021 7:55 PM by Dyerseve1221 in Deal Talk
Hold on, let me find a deal on a crystal ball.....
Post #147124240 added 05-07-2021 7:20 PM by MMPG in Deal Talk
Will their value go up if I keep them for long time?
Post #147124204 added 05-07-2021 7:18 PM by Dyerseve1221 in Deal Talk
Because a Zion rookie is $$$$
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