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Post #147331510 added 05-18-2021 5:51 PM by an_azn in Deal Talk
Agreed. Idk why they took away the vibrating mop on the M6. Been waiting a decade for a good mopping robot. Hopefully we'll get that sometime soon..
Post #147331300 added 05-18-2021 5:41 PM by Derek173 in Deal Talk
If they made an M6 with vibrating mop/lidar it would be the best ever. Just waiting on the S7 with self empty bin to release. The M6 is good but too expensive for the features it lacks.
Post #147331246 added 05-18-2021 5:39 PM by an_azn in Deal Talk
Thanks for the input. I actually didn't buy this because of your post. Just kept forgetting to repy. I actually have the 240. I bought it around 2 years ago. I use it occasionally and it does a...
Post #147218227 added 05-12-2021 11:27 AM by smartymax in Deal Talk
Now back in stock with 40$ coupon to clip bring it to 189.99!
Post #147161932 added 05-09-2021 6:48 PM by colosports in Deal Talk
Seems to be dead now. I only see used ones left.
Post #147161461 added 05-09-2021 6:22 PM by Derek173 in Deal Talk
I have had the 400 for a while now. Along with the roomba braava jet M6 and 240. Unless they really redesigned how this updated version operates I would avoid. The spinning brush makes contact with...
Post #147159847 added 05-09-2021 4:54 PM by derekjet in Deal Talk
Hey, Tommy, if I was gonna break your balls, I'd tell you to go home and get your shine bot.
Post #147159754 added 05-09-2021 4:49 PM by an_azn in Deal Talk
Seems pretty good for the price. Kind of waiting to see what other people have to say. Anyone have any experience with the protection plan Amazon offers? At $173 I'm not sure if it's worth it to...
Post #147159349 added 05-09-2021 4:27 PM by firelikeiya in Deal Talk
1 star reviews look rough.
Post #147159319 added 05-09-2021 4:25 PM by Tquasi in Deal Talk
I've had a bunch of robot vacuums, and I'm a tinkerer, when something breaks I try to fix it. The iLifes I had (A4 & v5s) had worse build quality than early Neato (V21) or N79 Ecovacs.
Post #147159208 added 05-09-2021 4:19 PM by TunnelBear in Deal Talk
Reviews are awful
Post #147159205 added 05-09-2021 4:19 PM by darius11 in Deal Talk
Tempting. I have a small army of Scoobas for all of the hard floors in our house but it’s time for an upgrade. Parts and batteries are getting harder to find and for the cost of that upkeep I’d like...
Post #147157189 added 05-09-2021 2:19 PM by go2gal in Deal Talk
Thanks in for one. Reviews look good. Working 12+ hour shifts, I could use a little help around the house
Post #147150994 added 05-09-2021 9:00 AM by sleepyrx in Deal Talk
Bleach oxidizes stuff, including metals. I don't agree with the salt deposition hypothesis.
Post #147150934 added 05-09-2021 8:56 AM by ElatedWater518 in Deal Talk
Worked well while it lasted. I had it for maybe 9 months and suddenly water stopped coming out, though I DID NOT follow instructions and used bleach in the cleaning solution. They only advise using...
Post #147150838 added 05-09-2021 8:50 AM by thebends22 in Deal Talk
“Now go get your F’n shine bot…..”
Post #147146272 added 05-09-2021 12:17 AM by logicpad in Deal Talk
ILIFE Shinebot W400s, Mop Robot, Wet Scrubbing, Floor Washing, XL Water Tank, Zig-Zag Path, for Hard Floor ILIFE W400s cleans the floor by 4 steps: 1. Spray the hard floor with clean water to...

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