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Post #147227404 added 05-12-2021 8:35 PM by Stennie! in Deal Talk
I know how to cook, thanks. Some nights are "cook everything from scratch" night, and some nights are "quick and easy" night.
Post #147227209 added 05-12-2021 8:23 PM by secretclean in Deal Talk
It takes 3 ingredients to make real mashed potatoes. People living out of prepackaged meals rife with trash and preservatives is never healthy. Do your family a favor and learn how to cook. You...
Post #147227170 added 05-12-2021 8:20 PM by mooresplace in Deal Talk
I agree with earlier post that the Idahoan Brand is much much better. They taste like homemade real mashed. The Betty Crocker really Suck. If youve not tried them dont!
Post #147226924 added 05-12-2021 7:55 PM by ophir in Deal Talk
A commenter on that video sums it up the best: "After having listened to you for the last month, I have come to the conclusion that I died about 20 to 30 years ago"
Post #147226846 added 05-12-2021 7:48 PM by DianneK in Deal Talk
Subscribe and save no longer an option
Post #147225313 added 05-12-2021 6:10 PM by calisteph6 in Deal Talk
it's the sodium that gets me. And I love and make real mashed potatoes that fit into a healthy diet.
Post #147225046 added 05-12-2021 5:50 PM by justjeff in Deal Talk
Same here
Post #147224461 added 05-12-2021 5:09 PM by Phreekie in Deal Talk
Not seeing an S&S option.
Post #147223849 added 05-12-2021 4:27 PM by energyx in Deal Talk
Point taken.
Post #147223816 added 05-12-2021 4:24 PM by energyx in Deal Talk
High carbohydrate intake leads to elevated triglycerides and vLDL cholesterol, so yes the doc will eventually want you on a statin. Only problem is the cholesterol isn't the problem, it's the...
Post #147223753 added 05-12-2021 4:20 PM by Stennie! in Deal Talk
Keto is a great diet and intermittent fasting is a wonderful tool. But this kind of strident evangelism does them no favors. Go troll somewhere else instead of trying to make converts on a thread...
Post #147223687 added 05-12-2021 4:15 PM by roguephoenix in Deal Talk
yep. there doesn't seem to be a subscribe option
Post #147223681 added 05-12-2021 4:14 PM by Stennie! in Deal Talk
Or you're making it as a side for a family meal. 300kcal when divided 4 ways, then you have it alongside a 200kcal grilled chicken breast for a light 500kcal dinner. Oh wait, no, dehydrated...
Post #147223669 added 05-12-2021 4:14 PM by kirkdna in Deal Talk
Same here
Post #147222787 added 05-12-2021 3:22 PM by dannyselder in Deal Talk
I don’t have a s&s option. Maybe it went away. If I add to cart and go to checkout it doesn’t let me flip it to s&s there either. Coupon applies, just no s&s
Post #147222730 added 05-12-2021 3:19 PM by crrusher in Deal Talk
1200 calories per bag. Then again if you are buying these you probably don't worry too much about eating healthy.
Post #147222580 added 05-12-2021 3:10 PM by c2nah777 in Deal Talk
Buttery potatoes (add milk and butter). lol
Post #147222571 added 05-12-2021 3:10 PM by energyx in Deal Talk
Fair enough. Here are some that are 'real' doctors: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk4Mk7vArjSYBa1VKv9-chA https://www.youtube.com/user/KenDBerry https://www.youtube.com/user/drjasonfung ...
Post #147222517 added 05-12-2021 3:07 PM by energyx in Deal Talk
Nope. I actually think and do a little research, but go ahead and chow down on this crap while your doc prescribes statins and blood pressure meds. I wonder where we've gone wrong?
Post #147222460 added 05-12-2021 3:02 PM by anjentai in Deal Talk
Might be a good buy for this brand, but I would much rather have the ones where you only need to add water. Pass.
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