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Post #148395241 added 07-10-2021 12:04 AM by CleverString959 in Hot Deals
Nevermind, I did get the credit back despite it being coded as Amazon.com (Groceries).
Post #148282510 added 07-04-2021 12:18 AM by itsxjustin in Hot Deals
3 chase cards. Never get the good sheets
Post #148282435 added 07-04-2021 12:07 AM by Inbox in Hot Deals
When will they do this again?Now getting groceries delivered from Amazon gets 5% back on Chase?I guess they go by eastern time?
Post #148214563 added 06-30-2021 3:08 PM by soobaerodude in Hot Deals
Anyone else get the credit?
Post #148156873 added 06-27-2021 8:52 PM by Inbox in Hot Deals
You didn't get any credit back after a week?
Post #148153447 added 06-27-2021 4:34 PM by CleverString959 in Hot Deals
My Amazon Fresh order was coded as a purchase from Amazon.com with the category as groceries. This doesn't appear to have worked the way we wanted it to.
Post #147728743 added 06-08-2021 5:07 PM by Inbox in Hot Deals
I think Amazon pays There people better than other food delivery people, anyone know exactly what they get?
Post #147726538 added 06-08-2021 2:52 PM by wspfan in Hot Deals
Anyone get the credit back from Chase yet???
Post #147627850 added 06-03-2021 5:12 AM by MAHENDRAP8716 in Hot Deals
Thank you OP, Bought $50 Amazon.com GC from Amazon Fresh using my Chase Freedom offer.
Post #147412681 added 05-22-2021 3:43 PM by dislab in Hot Deals
Thanks. I guess it depends on region. When I click your links, they are not under "amazon fresh" but "gift card" section. When searching "gift card" under "amazon refresh", there is no gift cards.
Post #147406354 added 05-22-2021 8:46 AM by Brewer in Hot Deals
I assume product availability may vary by market, but I searched for “gift card” under AmazonFresh and saw a number of options. Many of the items are available in other denominations than that which...
Post #147405127 added 05-22-2021 7:23 AM by dislab in Hot Deals
where did you find $50 gift card under amazon fresh?
Post #147382849 added 05-21-2021 3:10 AM by Brewer in Hot Deals
The tipping makes it less slick of a deal, but it's a hard and fast requirement. That's the deal, guys. If you want window delivery of groceries you need to tip just like food delivery, and if...
Post #147338503 added 05-19-2021 6:05 AM by dislab in Hot Deals
does this qualify for the 25% cashback? It is not under amazon fresh.
Post #147331033 added 05-18-2021 5:27 PM by dieppy89 in Hot Deals
Here’s a $60 gift card https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007HR1SK0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_D775RZQNP2V7JB70DYCW
Post #147330484 added 05-18-2021 4:48 PM by momohohoho in Hot Deals
OOS, anyone knows if there are other amounts of gift card ( less than $60) to buy?
Post #147311752 added 05-17-2021 6:15 PM by Inbox in Hot Deals
Does it takeoff 20% off the subtotal or also the delivery charges, Tip Oh I forgot delivery is free on prime. AlsoThe 15% off offer on Chase cards up to $4.50 off ($30 order equals $4.50 off)For...
Post #147309703 added 05-17-2021 4:06 PM by Inbox in Hot Deals
Yes why do we get lower offers? How do you search thread on Mobile?
Post #147301723 added 05-17-2021 9:33 AM by dislab in Hot Deals
amazon gift card is sold out on amazon fresh?
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