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Post #147437125 added 05-24-2021 8:37 AM by DonkeyHat in Deal Talk
The XT2 night time image quality isn’t very good compared to the Wyze. The Blink don’t work inside my windows at all so they are all hanging outside under cover. The “ok” image quality is a trade...
Post #147415891 added 05-22-2021 7:39 PM by WiiMe in Deal Talk
I got mine, box looked brand new sealed, but once I opened the box, the cameras clearly showed they were previously used. No big deal, expected.
Post #147291640 added 05-16-2021 5:21 PM by Cricket247 in Deal Talk
I bought the 3 pack but my box wasn't sealed with plastic rap. So looks like mine is refurbished...
Post #147277954 added 05-15-2021 6:06 PM by gsharpri in Deal Talk
Same here. I ordered the 3 pack and it was sealed and brand new. Awesome deal
Post #147271876 added 05-15-2021 9:28 AM by rphmann in Deal Talk
My 2 pack came today. Brand new sealed package, never used. Great deal, thanks OP!!
Post #147250549 added 05-14-2021 1:36 AM by namlook in Deal Talk
That's what i read. I haven't tried it. If adding Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras to an existing Blink system that has been activated on or before 4/15/20, you will be grandfathered into your...
Post #147250237 added 05-14-2021 12:28 AM by namlook in Deal Talk
I think if you use them inside a protective enclosure and/or have them mounted in a place where they aren't so directly exposed to the elements as well as how severe is the weather is where you live...
Post #147250213 added 05-14-2021 12:23 AM by namlook in Deal Talk
Yeah people buy these because of the free cloud storage and they function reasonably well. Yes they are mediocre as far as picture quality, but they get the job done. The price/performance ratio is...
Post #147248395 added 05-13-2021 8:56 PM by TealStar171 in Deal Talk
Don't get sucked in by the sales pitch. These things are mediocre at best. You can get better sound, better video (doesn't look 1080p and has purple fringing issues but at least has 30fps), better...
Post #147248347 added 05-13-2021 8:53 PM by addikt in Deal Talk
Crap cameras. Start dying after a year. Shutter continuously clicks. Unable to reset camera. Started with 3, down to 1. Switching to Arlo
Post #147246943 added 05-13-2021 7:23 PM by Mamabearto5cubs in Deal Talk
If you do it through USB do you still have access to to the app. Is this set up like the ring system?
Post #147244987 added 05-13-2021 5:32 PM by FearAndLoathing in Deal Talk
So if you have the OG account from back in the day, you get cloud storage with the newer blinks?
Post #147244945 added 05-13-2021 5:29 PM by FearAndLoathing in Deal Talk
If you are looking to go without fees, I have a bunch of these WiFi systems and tried them all: Blink XT2 (basic free), Eufy (basic free), Arlo (basic free), Defender (totally free, NVR), and...
Post #147244729 added 05-13-2021 5:14 PM by gwilki22 in Deal Talk
Used against you in court?? Dang, what you gonna do, pull an Aaron Hernandez?
Post #147243676 added 05-13-2021 4:08 PM by VIPgenesis in Deal Talk
Anytime you contradict someone's statement with "I assume" you're arguing from a point of ignorance. NVR is the way to go. I have 5 Camara reolink Poe 8mp system and my experience at my house being a...
Post #147243490 added 05-13-2021 3:58 PM by namlook in Deal Talk
No. You still get the free cloud storage. The same misinformation keeps getting repeated in this thread. XT and XT2 still have 2hrs of cloud storage free. You did not need to sign up by a certain...
Post #147243361 added 05-13-2021 3:50 PM by keithjo in Deal Talk
I have no experience with Eufy or Nest but I prefer Blink over my Ring floodlight cams and doorbells.
Post #147243076 added 05-13-2021 3:30 PM by mynalerts in Deal Talk
A ton of misinformation here. If you buy this XT2 regardless if you already have established an account or not, the 2 hours of cloud storage is free forever. Don’t believe me? ...
Post #147241993 added 05-13-2021 2:29 PM by hugenut in Deal Talk
Conflicting info and I am confused..... I bought 2 of these Blink XT2's in the fall of 2019. Still brand new and sealed. Never signed up for an account nor set them up. So if I set it up now,...
Post #147241852 added 05-13-2021 2:19 PM by gwilki22 in Deal Talk
I bought 2 of these brand new in 2019 for the same price. Not sure how 2 used ones at this price are a good deal. Granted when I bought them it was an Amazon deal of the day, but still... 2 years...
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