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Post #147829288 added 06-14-2021 10:45 AM by the_k in Deal Talk
Received the 34 inch dark matter earlier today. First thing I noticed after powering up was a bright dead pixel in the middle of the screen. Monoprice CS said no replacement possible as the monitor...
Post #147427666 added 05-23-2021 4:47 PM by SociableLlama3412 in Deal Talk
it's not defective your laptop is probably 16:9 & this is 21:9 that's called letterboxing
Post #147375160 added 05-20-2021 3:26 PM by butter123 in Deal Talk
When I connect my Laptop to the monitor with HDMI cable it's not showing full screen, there is blank space on both sides (about 10-15% on each side), not sure if the monitor is defective. In the...
Post #147354988 added 05-19-2021 3:33 PM by TalentedGuide7750 in Deal Talk
I've had mine for over a month now. It is awesome, but I came from a 24in 1080p 60hz monitor. I'm thinking about grabbing a second.
Post #147337348 added 05-19-2021 4:05 AM by Ashere in Deal Talk
Anyone get there’s and can update me on how the liked it? Still on sale but a for a few dollars more and thinking about grabbing it. I was also looking at the gigabyte but this supposedly is...
Post #147329872 added 05-18-2021 4:04 PM by SeriesBladeQuest in Deal Talk
I regret not researching this more. Xbox One X can only do 1080p120hz, unable to even do 1440p60fps so far. I'll bring my Xbox Series X to test as well, but this already feels like a mistake. Colors...
Post #147305236 added 05-17-2021 11:53 AM by SlickSofa719 in Deal Talk
I received a 34" dark matter monitor today. It is dead as a doorknob. Buyer beware on monoprice. I've bought their cables and other supplies plenty, but I don't like being quality control for their...
Post #147292459 added 05-16-2021 6:19 PM by Reodus in Deal Talk
I got the 35” one, like it. Previously I returned 43un700 from LG
Post #147271447 added 05-15-2021 8:58 AM by codeyf in Deal Talk
The Zero-G is still $299 at Target. $285 with red card, free shipping, and easy return if needed.
Post #147252484 added 05-14-2021 6:05 AM by ltrain23 in Deal Talk
This is why FOMO is a thing. Kicking myself for not checking in yesterday.
Post #147249949 added 05-13-2021 11:34 PM by codeyf in Deal Talk
Here is for the Zero-G panel: DCI-P3 85% sRGB 100% Rec 2020 61% NTSC 82% Adobe RGB 80%
Post #147248446 added 05-13-2021 9:01 PM by FormerAstronut in Deal Talk
So what's the deal with monoprice monitors? Are they just unbranded brand name overstock? Some of those specs to price points seem a bit too good to be true. I mean monoprice for cables sure, but...
Post #147246055 added 05-13-2021 6:39 PM by maximuspersie in Deal Talk
Does anyone know if the 32 inch zero g works with Xbox series x for 1440p at 120htz? I ordered it but reading conflicting reports that resolution is only possible through DisplayPort, although the...
Post #147245737 added 05-13-2021 6:21 PM by butter123 in Deal Talk
Since this has HDMI 2.0, I assume this has PIP & PBP, can you confirm?
Post #147244807 added 05-13-2021 5:19 PM by jrtall in Deal Talk
Bought the 34" dark matter when it was last on sale and it's awesome, I love it.
Post #147244699 added 05-13-2021 5:12 PM by SlickSofa719 in Deal Talk
That looks much better.
Post #147244528 added 05-13-2021 5:02 PM by mattou22 in Deal Talk
this is from the darkmatter 34 inch spec sheet: Color Gamuts: RGB 99%, NTSC 85%, DCI-P3 90%, Adobe® RGB 85%
Post #147243418 added 05-13-2021 3:53 PM by mattou22 in Deal Talk
Better than this one?: ...
Post #147243328 added 05-13-2021 3:47 PM by SlickSofa719 in Deal Talk
The panel seems to have pretty low color scores, is this noticeable compared to a monitor with 90% on these scores? DCI-P3 67% coverage sRGB 80% coverage Rec.2020 50% coverage ...
Post #147242896 added 05-13-2021 3:18 PM by codeyf in Deal Talk
I was using a 32" QHD for gaming, but then switched to a curved 34" UWQHD that I was using for work. I much prefer the UW now. That said, now that I've ordered the Zero-G, I'll have a UW for both.
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