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Post #147273313 added 05-15-2021 11:27 AM by JordanB4028 in Deal Talk
Probably causes cancer /s
Post #147273103 added 05-15-2021 11:10 AM by Poultry_sashimi in Deal Talk
Graphics card is not useful without Mobo. People call it a deal? See how silly that sounds?
Post #147270025 added 05-15-2021 7:12 AM by claytonisbob in Deal Talk
Maybe some printers are just more finicky than others? I've run all kinda of PLA and they all work fine for me. Some of it gets brittle in the bowden tube if I leave it, but I just retract when I'm...
Post #147269356 added 05-15-2021 6:11 AM by AmusedArm905 in Deal Talk
As far as the question of whether the wood house pictured in one of the product photos is printed from wood filament or laser cut plywood…. put “Gables Style Dolls House Toys wooden Dollhouse” in...
Post #147268882 added 05-15-2021 5:03 AM by shape107 in Deal Talk
Not useful without printer. People call it a deal?
Post #147268411 added 05-15-2021 3:33 AM by gergev in Deal Talk
Is this recyclable?
Post #147267151 added 05-14-2021 10:17 PM by Drtacos in Deal Talk
Like the person above me said, you can clearly see the plywood layers. This was not printed on a 3d printer. And a side note, I have a roll of white pla GEEETECH that I love, comes out real nice...
Post #147265831 added 05-14-2021 7:54 PM by Creative_collab in Deal Talk
I thought same thing! No way you get that out of a 3D printer. Imagine the supports needed. It’s laser cut or stamped. You can even see the plywood layers in the photo. Such a simple thing to...
Post #147261037 added 05-14-2021 1:56 PM by StevenC56 in Deal Talk
Was working earlier today, but I can't get it to work now. Maybe it's a 1 time per customer coupon.
Post #147260920 added 05-14-2021 1:49 PM by Numus19 in Deal Talk
Looks like it was printed in pieces and then assembled. Like I said to the OP of that comment, the pieces looking like they were printed and then assembled like a model, if that was the case...
Post #147260875 added 05-14-2021 1:45 PM by Baelzar in Deal Talk
Yeah, the title is wrong. If you search for GEEETECH PETG on Amazon you can apply the coupon 15NB2PGE and it works for about $3.00 off. Plus there are some coupons.
Post #147260572 added 05-14-2021 1:24 PM by gmanvbva in Deal Talk
Title says PETG but the links appear to be all PLA… these are two different filament types. OP should be updated.
Post #147260020 added 05-14-2021 12:46 PM by ilovecanada in Deal Talk
I'm in complete agreement and decided not to risk it based on that stupid photo and the clogging comments on here. I know another guy posted 'who cares' but this isn't a good enough discount to not...
Post #147260011 added 05-14-2021 12:45 PM by Ascencion in Deal Talk
August 27, 2018 To our customers that use PETG in their packaging and sell in California: Eastman Eastar Copolyester 6763 (PETG) is regulated by the FDA and approved to use in food contact...
Post #147259669 added 05-14-2021 12:25 PM by antelthrope in Deal Talk
when i went to copy the code from this page it didn’t look like it highlighted the last letter “E”. so i made sure it was all highlighted and then it didn’t work. I attempted to highlight it again,...
Post #147259612 added 05-14-2021 12:22 PM by RespawnRestricted in Deal Talk
this is the only brand i use for standard pla prints great at 208-210
Post #147258514 added 05-14-2021 11:25 AM by WooHoo2You in Deal Talk
Even if some sellers are not doing what they are supposed to, that does not mean I am lower my standards to the lowest common denominator because of it.
Post #147258199 added 05-14-2021 11:10 AM by StevenC56 in Deal Talk
Code doesn't seem to be working anymore.
Post #147257491 added 05-14-2021 10:38 AM by Myst3ryx in Deal Talk
You are, from one of these funky-named, stock-photo-galore sellers. Surely you've seen them flooding Amazon, I figured we all just accepted it, and hoped theres some user-photos lol
Post #147256048 added 05-14-2021 9:30 AM by WooHoo2You in Deal Talk
Yes, very unrealistic to expect a product photo be a photo of the actual product.....clearly I am expecting way too much.
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