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Post #148417474 added 07-11-2021 4:17 PM by SurfsUP8 in Hot Deals
BS shows $21 around here but all gone.
Post #148417435 added 07-11-2021 4:13 PM by Stanleylara in Hot Deals
Can I buy one from you?
Post #148294465 added 07-04-2021 6:39 PM by wasssup in Hot Deals
Thanks to the poster and the person who kicked this up! I’m on vacay in the middle of nowhere and when I saw this I checked brickseek. Local store had 2-3 of the 1tb drives for $45, when I went...
Post #148197715 added 06-29-2021 6:15 PM by pcgeekpcgeek in Hot Deals
Thanks so much! This is actually my first successful Brickseek hunt. 😀 Exactly! It's always YMMV. The 1TB model had 5 in stock and the 500 GB model had 2-3 in stock according to Brickseek so my...
Post #148195705 added 06-29-2021 3:58 PM by MidwestNotProud in Hot Deals
Sweet! Glad I could help. Fwiw, with these Brickseek deals I’ve found as long as you go in with zero expectations whatsoever they can definitely be a more than worthwhile surprise sometimes. Like...
Post #148195468 added 06-29-2021 3:42 PM by pcgeekpcgeek in Hot Deals
Thanks! I was able to get them for $23 with tax! The 1TB version was also in stock according to Brickseek but I have no luck with that one.
Post #148163383 added 06-28-2021 8:43 AM by MidwestNotProud in Hot Deals
I would say if that store is close, yes worth a try. I have had some remarkably good success on Walmart Brickseek deals but I also live in a relatively smaller area and I know countless people on...
Post #148163008 added 06-28-2021 8:28 AM by mystery250 in Hot Deals
Got 2 for $21 each. Wasn’t even looking for this deal. Just scanned the price as 33 and it showed $21.
Post #147934252 added 06-19-2021 1:17 PM by pcgeekpcgeek in Hot Deals
Thanks! Too bad that I waited and the availability in Brickseek changed from 2-3 in stock to Not in Stock. In this case I believe the availability info was real. 😢
Post #147922174 added 06-18-2021 6:29 PM by CommunistJack in Hot Deals
if its close yes but dont be too disappointed if you dont find it, its a old deal found one today for $21 at the walmart in the next town over, was in the electronics clearance bin and...
Post #147911557 added 06-18-2021 9:03 AM by pcgeekpcgeek in Hot Deals
I've set up an Brickseek alert for this and finally one of my local stores dropped the price and it shows 2-3 in stock. However, the Walmart app shows Availability Unknown for that store. Still worth...
Post #147795067 added 06-12-2021 5:26 AM by KCAssassin in Hot Deals
I’m so mad I missed this too. I rarely check clearance but since this I have started.
Post #147785593 added 06-11-2021 1:56 PM by KennethB6867 in Hot Deals
Slept on this one. Doubt there are any in the trig-state area.
Post #147619966 added 06-02-2021 4:36 PM by MidwestNotProud in Hot Deals
For the record, here is my experience with this deal. Sorry I’m a little late clearly but I’m pretty happy with it. 5/31 - see a store ~25min away that BS says 2-3 in stock at $47.17. I make the...
Post #147569419 added 05-31-2021 8:35 AM by LovelyScent753 in Hot Deals
Found 3 at my local Walmart. Win! Thanks OP
Post #147555037 added 05-30-2021 9:55 AM by BluePenguin639 in Hot Deals
Ah dang do you know of any other headphones deals?
Post #147519850 added 05-28-2021 7:56 AM by drag0nl0rd in Hot Deals
Just return telling them price dropped since you just bought it last week. I haven’t had any trouble. Was just able to get a pair of Astro A40 for $15 yesterday.
Post #147484012 added 05-26-2021 11:23 AM by swiftyx in Hot Deals
any tips on getting it from another store and trying to return / rebuy from a store with a cheaper price?
Post #147470137 added 05-25-2021 8:17 PM by flowmundial in Hot Deals
Yes. I cleared my store on those and the 1tb. Now they have the ones you mentioned at full price
Post #147461836 added 05-25-2021 12:22 PM by sheik124 in Hot Deals
Mods, this should really be merged with the 1 TB SanDIsk thread. Biggest PITA of a YMMV clearance Wal-Mart deal I've ever encountered lol. So far, I'm at 1x 1 TB @ the lower $4x.xx price. Bought...
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