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Post #149289241 added 08-25-2021 8:45 AM by TidalWaveOne in Deal Talk
Not sure what you mean by "wet" but it might be normal depending on how "wet" it is and the dry settings you're using. I don't mind at all if some clothes are a little damp. I'd rather save energy...
Post #149268022 added 08-24-2021 9:48 AM by Jottle in Deal Talk
See my post a page or two back. Tldr: set dryness level to "more dry" and turn off evergy saver.
Post #149249266 added 08-23-2021 11:24 AM by abc321 in Deal Talk
Finally got around to using new dryer (DLEX3900B) and wanting to see if anyone is having issues with the dryer. We put some clothes in the dryer and ran on normal mode (energy mode on). After one...
Post #149006335 added 08-10-2021 4:16 PM by Jottle in Deal Talk
I hear you about the scratches and dents. They ended up putting a couple small scratches on the washer and a tiny dent in the bottom left side. It's hardly noticeable, but they weren't exactly...
Post #148991791 added 08-09-2021 10:29 PM by abc321 in Deal Talk
This was my first time ordering a large appliance for my home (always a renter before). I just got the washer and dryer installed this weekend and the installers were in and out quickly as others...
Post #148817755 added 07-31-2021 8:31 AM by yOyOYoo in Deal Talk
I’m in the same boat here. Had delivery cancelled 2 times. Including one on the day of delivery. Order status online says “PULLBACK’ and they have no idea where my product is.
Post #148808479 added 07-30-2021 3:54 PM by stanclave in Deal Talk
Anyone know what kind of hoses Costco provide for this laundry set?
Post #148713229 added 07-25-2021 9:20 PM by sfoweldel in Deal Talk
Thanks. Perhaps I need to play around with settings before calling LG.
Post #148705723 added 07-25-2021 2:47 PM by Jottle in Deal Talk
Yeah totally normal. If you select any of the "sensor dry" settings it will constantly adjust the estimated time until it's dry to your preferred settings using the moisture sensor. So it's a...
Post #148689409 added 07-24-2021 7:18 PM by ilikeallofu in Deal Talk
I can’t tell u for sure if this’s it but you may have it set for some sort of auto sense where the dryer things the clothes r still wet… similar to wrinkle free, in which the dryer keeps cycling...
Post #148676563 added 07-24-2021 9:39 AM by sfoweldel in Deal Talk
My washer/dryer was installed a few weeks ago, but here is the issue that I'm facing and thought to see if anyone else has noticed it. Let's say when I start the dryer; it shows 57 minutes or...
Post #148575253 added 07-19-2021 7:45 PM by PurpleClover7617 in Deal Talk
Still waiting on my LG order placed in late May. Originally was given an estimated delivery in early June. That came and went and it was shipped in mid June from LG. No other tracking update since...
Post #148570237 added 07-19-2021 2:57 PM by jlee510 in Deal Talk
Still waiting for my delivery and installation. Back in may said shipped, install date in June, but they never came. Gave me another install date in June, but still never came. Contacted Costco, was...
Post #148492927 added 07-15-2021 10:40 AM by unlimitedx in Deal Talk
Does anyone know what's the best way to order the pedestals after delivery of the washer/dryer order and still have it installed for us?
Post #148344757 added 07-07-2021 12:41 PM by cliff1127 in Deal Talk
Anyone else having massive issues with their install? I was scheduled for 6/23 (they brought a big truck that couldn't fit in my building), 6/30 (no show), 7/7 (no show). The Costco logistics line...
Post #148329889 added 07-06-2021 5:55 PM by ThinkBig in Deal Talk
I need receipt/snapshot(hiding personal info) for 1399+tax for Champagne, i've placed the order but it showing as 1499+tax i told customer service that its listed 100 less than the other but she is...
Post #148254310 added 07-02-2021 12:28 PM by Jottle in Deal Talk
FYI for anyone that hasn't taken delivery yet. It is true that the Innovel installers will try to rush as fast as possible to get your washer/dryer installed and get the heck out of your house unless...
Post #148241299 added 07-01-2021 8:17 PM by ThinkBig in Deal Talk
some time I saw Champagne as 1400 but upon placing order it shows 1500. so do you think they honor 1400 if i call them? do any share receipt (hining PII,)this is how the split up : For it it shows...
Post #148177288 added 06-28-2021 7:59 PM by ShawnS4430 in Deal Talk
I posted them a few pages back, for the cord you need to check if you need a 3 or 4 prong if you decide to go with a longer one
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