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Post #148553803 added 07-18-2021 6:44 PM by jeeman in Hot Deals
Yup, mine broke in June. Won't charge or turn on.
Post #148334710 added 07-07-2021 12:05 AM by neonneon in Hot Deals
Note to past self (or anyone else who may see this): DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FOR THE IPHONE X!!! :nono: Its objectively TERRIBLE. Never charged well, didn’t give much extra charge to the phone, and...
Post #148187344 added 06-29-2021 9:33 AM by SandNerd in Hot Deals
Does your car battery has MagSafe enabled? /s
Post #147786112 added 06-11-2021 2:26 PM by Dealssssss in Hot Deals
bought one for my xs max, the battery case can provide 30% extra battery. Just a junk, not worth it. Anker 3350 power bank just cost $5 at my local walmart
Post #147663742 added 06-04-2021 7:45 PM by ajd7 in Hot Deals
thanks! picked one up for my daughter who inherited my wife’s old XS.
Post #147646804 added 06-03-2021 10:53 PM by iamhere9 in Hot Deals
Anything for iphone se?
Post #147540853 added 05-29-2021 11:19 AM by vanwern in Hot Deals
Just received the product. Bought two, one for XS, and another for XS Max. XS max didn't fit the volume buttons. Called customer service, they can replace for 7.99. They won't waive the shipping...
Post #147492787 added 05-26-2021 6:33 PM by ssen2004 in Hot Deals
I agree 100% with above review. Was excited to get extended battery charger. Got the case looks great but does not charge as it should. It is very bulky and at most it charges my iPhone X battery to...
Post #147479320 added 05-26-2021 8:13 AM by Skyhawk7 in Hot Deals
The good : Its wireless charging, it looks nice and good materials. The bad : It doesn't charge even 50% of the X battery, the worst battery case I ever bought. Don't waste your money, carrying...
Post #147424507 added 05-23-2021 12:06 PM by VioletLanguage521 in Hot Deals
I'm nearly certain that would be for ones that connect via the Lightning port. This one is different than their other cases and charges via wireless charging, so I can't imagine it's any worse for...
Post #147424483 added 05-23-2021 12:04 PM by VioletLanguage521 in Hot Deals
Had this exact case a few years ago and it doesn't usually give more than 30% extra power. The Apple branded one is so much better, but at this price I'd say it's worth it.
Post #147422041 added 05-23-2021 9:12 AM by Nugrl in Hot Deals
I bought a Mophie charging case many years ago for my iPhone 4s and loved it! Believe or not, that Mophie charging case is still working! I also got it on sale and that thing saved me many times when...
Post #147401923 added 05-21-2021 10:49 PM by abadan in Hot Deals
This should be in $0.99 stores. That’s what it’s worth and all of you buying it will find out definitely not worth 10 bucks. I bought this from Amazon and returned a week later.
Post #147401815 added 05-21-2021 10:33 PM by Iaintaboutshit in Hot Deals
I bought one a couple months ago.. the first day I put that case on my 3 year old daughter dropped my phone in a big ass bowl of pho and it died. Never worked again haha
Post #147389833 added 05-21-2021 10:36 AM by WiseLinen152 in Hot Deals
My charging port on iPhone X is not working. It’s a good addition to me. Thank you
Post #147386182 added 05-21-2021 7:50 AM by nohomers1 in Hot Deals
Was excited but the terrible reviews made me pass on this. Was hoping it would be good for vacations to extend the battery and not need to carry a separate battery pack but seems to have too many...
Post #147372811 added 05-20-2021 1:24 PM by ssen2004 in Hot Deals
Thanks OP got 1 for $9.02 with taxes after 15% off code.
Post #147372592 added 05-20-2021 1:14 PM by RukoT in Hot Deals
in for one for my iPhone X.
Post #147368533 added 05-20-2021 10:04 AM by Chepapu in Hot Deals
Bought 1 thnks
Post #147367630 added 05-20-2021 9:26 AM by itk in Hot Deals
Bought two thanks
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