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Post #147943084 added 06-20-2021 4:24 AM by sueyko in Hot Deals
Does anyone know if the lifetime warranty includes any battery that you buy as of now Or will it only start with the new version? I’m wondering the same as my local Home Depot has the 2 pack of...
Post #147517168 added 05-28-2021 4:30 AM by sri69 in Hot Deals
Home Depot has the 4.0 and 2.0 battery combo for $100 at the moment. Not a super deal, but comparable to this one. I ordered to get a 4.0mAh for the vacuum.
Post #147503602 added 05-27-2021 10:10 AM by Kurgan in Hot Deals
This is the way
Post #147416782 added 05-22-2021 9:01 PM by pat29379 in Hot Deals
Right, I bought this kit in 2019 day after black Friday for 149 with free octane circular saw. Hard pass even though last of the lsa octanes
Post #147411469 added 05-22-2021 2:07 PM by ericcire in Hot Deals
I had the exact same circumstance. I had my 3ah octane battery on my impact, full charge, and it couldn't break lose my crank pulley bolt. For giggles, I took my older 4ah battery with 3/4 charge...
Post #147409528 added 05-22-2021 11:46 AM by lottathought in Hot Deals
They are phasing out the Octane..but all of their batteries, including the Octane and versions prev to the Octane are going to continue to be compatible. Also, they are bringing back a lifetime...
Post #147409141 added 05-22-2021 11:20 AM by babyjay8495 in Hot Deals
I'm gonna hold off until the price goes down . I have plenty of batteries and don't need one currently but for the right price I'll bite
Post #147409099 added 05-22-2021 11:17 AM by Selman in Hot Deals
I learned a great deal from it, but not in regards to the topic in this thread. The topic being, "Is the Ridgid 4ah battery actually capable of higher amperage output than the 3ah Octane as some...
Post #147408808 added 05-22-2021 10:55 AM by psharkauburn in Hot Deals
Didn't learn anything from it? I'd watch around the 5 - 6 minute mark again. You could always email the guy if you want him to test some specific make and model of something, it sounds like he has...
Post #147401239 added 05-21-2021 9:38 PM by Selman in Hot Deals
This is the excellent kind of testing I'm talking about. Unfortunately, he did not test a 3ah Octane vs a 4ah regular battery, so in the end we learned nothing to help answer the question.
Post #147396469 added 05-21-2021 4:10 PM by juddev in Hot Deals
The new ridgid batteries are showing Lifetime on the label/box, so you might not need to buy them in a kit anymore. The new ones also look cheaply made now (no rubber protection) and there is a...
Post #147395902 added 05-21-2021 3:36 PM by psharkauburn in Hot Deals
THIS is worth watching if haven't seen it - from the Torque Test Channel.
Post #147395767 added 05-21-2021 3:28 PM by psharkauburn in Hot Deals
yep - this is the way.
Post #147395491 added 05-21-2021 3:16 PM by dTor in Hot Deals
I do not know when they will be filtering into the stores. Home Depot is already selling the batteries, though.
Post #147394300 added 05-21-2021 1:58 PM by Selman in Hot Deals
There was a commenter in a previous thread that owned both the 3ah Octane battery, conventional 4ah, and Octane 6ah batteries. He claimed that the 4ah regular battery actually delivered more...
Post #147394213 added 05-21-2021 1:54 PM by MyrMcCheese in Hot Deals
Any idea when the new line will show up in stores? I'm curious to see if the older stuff goes on the clearance table right away.
Post #147394081 added 05-21-2021 1:46 PM by Careless_Whisper in Hot Deals
Great deal. Thanks OP for posting!
Post #147393433 added 05-21-2021 1:10 PM by ScottB8972 in Hot Deals
Waiting for this kit at this price with a free tool...
Post #147393391 added 05-21-2021 1:08 PM by Pitbull329 in Hot Deals
Gotcha, thanks
Post #147393343 added 05-21-2021 1:05 PM by dTor in Hot Deals
TL;DR All 18V batteries are compatible with all 18V tools. They are doing away with the Octane line, but all previous Octane and regular batteries are compatible with their new line. Their new...
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