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Post #147760855 added 06-10-2021 10:30 AM by 1slick007 in Hot Deals
My order was cancelled as well.
Post #147650938 added 06-04-2021 7:33 AM by ShrewdPiranha669 in Hot Deals
Lists for 2.99 keep checking out at 4.99 keep an eye out
Post #147640351 added 06-03-2021 3:35 PM by moon_2100 in Hot Deals
Got the same message.Their Inventory systems really sucks.
Post #147617875 added 06-02-2021 2:42 PM by vicsta48 in Hot Deals
My order just got cancelled, bummer. From email...."Why? Either you requested a cancellation, or we could not complete your order".
Post #147602851 added 06-01-2021 10:30 PM by LostWallet in Hot Deals
Picked up mine today and it does not work. No return coil. Must do a return.
Post #147568390 added 05-31-2021 7:20 AM by ghostpuppy in Hot Deals
Bought 5 but i'm returning them today. Site states they are steel but it's just a cheapo chromed plastic case. I drop too many tapes to consider plastic. Also I'm not a fan of the tape lock but thats...
Post #147536410 added 05-29-2021 5:34 AM by FHRITP in Hot Deals
Made in china
Post #147536122 added 05-29-2021 5:07 AM by Rockytopwiz in Hot Deals
Now, where is that FKIN thing!?
Post #147530839 added 05-28-2021 5:51 PM by Speedmaster1 in Hot Deals
Hell oh yeah, for sure. I’m gonna get one to have an Effin tape. 🤣🤣🤣
Post #147521929 added 05-28-2021 9:37 AM by ghostpuppy in Hot Deals
In for 5
Post #147519313 added 05-28-2021 7:19 AM by cachunko in Hot Deals
In for 6
Post #147518620 added 05-28-2021 6:29 AM by rkx in Hot Deals
Ikea sells tape measure 1.49
Post #147518005 added 05-28-2021 5:49 AM by mousemanb in Hot Deals
Can someone more familiar with these chime in on whether these are good quality?
Post #147515578 added 05-27-2021 11:26 PM by James_bond003 in Hot Deals
Ace hardware deals of late becoming WalMart deals.
Post #147515188 added 05-27-2021 10:36 PM by vo_danh in Hot Deals
Damn I wanted some fkin tape. Not available anywhere.
Post #147512785 added 05-27-2021 7:14 PM by n2oinferno in Hot Deals
Thanks. I've needed one longer than the 16' that I have, and keep forgetting every time I'm at the store. In for one for in store pickup next week.
Post #147510967 added 05-27-2021 5:08 PM by 1slick007 in Hot Deals
Too bad there aren’t any available near me. Boo.
Post #147509854 added 05-27-2021 4:11 PM by speed_demon in Hot Deals
N42 txop
Post #147509809 added 05-27-2021 4:08 PM by GordoF in Hot Deals
Had some reward points that were about to expire. Grabbed 4 for less than $8. Thank OP
Post #147509776 added 05-27-2021 4:06 PM by audioeng in Hot Deals
That's a really nice feature. Sadly, my eyes only barely make it to 16th. 😞
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