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Post #150237436 added 10-11-2021 8:37 AM by klingon666 in Deal Talk
It’s all called Entertainment!
Post #150143962 added 10-06-2021 11:03 AM by klingon666 in Deal Talk
Deal gone!
Post #147531439 added 05-28-2021 7:31 PM by DamienD6936 in Deal Talk
They were decent mechanics in 2014 but time flies
Post #147522484 added 05-28-2021 11:01 AM by Cheap_skater in Deal Talk
The parkour isn't perfect, but it greatly improves traversal options over the brisk jog of Dead Island. I'm sure you're not very far into Dying Light if you can't tell a difference between them yet...
Post #147514957 added 05-27-2021 11:13 PM by dkeat in Deal Talk
Dead island and dying light are both way better with a good co-op partner.
Post #147514579 added 05-27-2021 10:31 PM by cletusjones15002 in Deal Talk
The parkour in Dying Light doesn't feel right and so far it has a lot of fetch quests and plays a lot like dead island to me. It might get better later but so far both games are about equal imo.
Post #147514408 added 05-27-2021 10:17 PM by Cheap_skater in Deal Talk
It was a total slog to get through. The entire time I thought the game would eventually get better because it had so much potential, so I kept playing hoping that something would happen at any moment...
Post #147512365 added 05-27-2021 7:44 PM by cletusjones15002 in Deal Talk
The original dead island was great idk what you're talking about.
Post #147508783 added 05-27-2021 3:53 PM by drkazn in Deal Talk
LOL i Saw that better had some figurines in there
Post #147508171 added 05-27-2021 3:14 PM by Cheap_skater in Deal Talk
It's a completely different series and Dead Island are not good games. They are both made by the same developer but Techland took a lot of the mechanics of Dead Island and greatly improved upon them...
Post #147507505 added 05-27-2021 2:36 PM by FreeCake in Deal Talk
Regular price $99? What are they smoking
Post #147501031 added 05-27-2021 9:13 AM by IvanI7279 in Deal Talk
Just more content and some newest dlc
Post #147499978 added 05-27-2021 8:24 AM by PurpleMask3733 in Deal Talk
What exactly is the different between this and the Dying Light:. The Following collection?
Post #147499276 added 05-27-2021 7:44 AM by SRL2 in Deal Talk
Might as well pick up dead island definitive collection too.
Post #147498286 added 05-27-2021 6:31 AM by mhyatt5871 in Deal Talk
Never played this game, but I've always been interested. This seems like a great deal, so I grabbed it. I believe it just got an FPS boost on the Series X, so it's a great time for me to finally jump...
Post #147496795 added 05-27-2021 2:47 AM by Discombobulated in Deal Talk
Microsoft Store For those interested Note, must login to your account to purchase. Offer valid through June 5, 2021 or while promotion last Dying Light: Platinum Edition (Xbox...

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