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Post #148035232 added 06-22-2021 11:29 AM by MichaelB7763 in Hot Deals
Sorry I never checked back in on this. For indoor shooting with sometimes poor lighting, I wouldn't recommend the E-M1 iii. For your purposes, full-frame is the way to go. I have been shooting...
Post #147755413 added 06-10-2021 5:55 AM by Trickbenda in Hot Deals
Please explain your 17mm comment. The Human Eye actually sees at an equivalent 43mm. We don't see naturally in wide angle. We stitch the scene together as our eyes scan.
Post #147683785 added 06-06-2021 8:45 AM by Centient in Hot Deals
I think you need to reread my post. I’m not worried. Though clearly Olympus were, hence they sold the division to a company like JIP. As you say the 1 series is done. Nikon have stopped producing...
Post #147682813 added 06-06-2021 7:25 AM by jimx200 in Hot Deals
Why are you worried about Oly going out of business? If they went BK today, their gear would go on for many years. Repairs? Plenty of shops to take care of that. Panasonic is going great with their...
Post #147682705 added 06-06-2021 7:15 AM by jimx200 in Hot Deals
Not even close. More like 20%.
Post #147681061 added 06-06-2021 3:14 AM by gder03 in Hot Deals
Lots of museums. Interior architecture, artwork, sometimes in poorly lit interiors. I need fast lenses or good image stabilization. Plus I like wide angle too. I had a Canon 80D prior.
Post #147667381 added 06-05-2021 5:21 AM by MichaelB7763 in Hot Deals
It really depends what you are using it for. For shooting wildlife, this is a fantastic setup.
Post #147635956 added 06-03-2021 11:55 AM by mynamesjudge in Hot Deals
Have you ever used an EM-1 Mark III?
Post #147623230 added 06-02-2021 7:31 PM by RamesesThe2nd in Hot Deals
I thought Olympus went out of business. I guess not.
Post #147623182 added 06-02-2021 7:28 PM by UnoriginalGuy in Hot Deals
M43 isn't going anywhere in general: It is still massive in video. The smaller sensor is actually beneficial in video, whereas in still photography it is a trade-off between size/weight and optics. ...
Post #147622975 added 06-02-2021 7:18 PM by Centient in Hot Deals
Yep. Really hard to say what the future holds, but I wouldn’t bet on Olympus being around for the long run. Not to say the current cameras and lenses will suddenly stop working or anything. With...
Post #147622726 added 06-02-2021 7:03 PM by UnoriginalGuy in Hot Deals
Olympus split off their camera division and sold it to another Japanese company: JIP.
Post #147622654 added 06-02-2021 6:58 PM by TroyJason in Hot Deals
Somebody said that Olympus went out of business. True?
Post #147621784 added 06-02-2021 6:17 PM by gder03 in Hot Deals
How is this better than an new S5 with a 20-60 kit for $2,000. Honest question. Like it seems you get more for your $ going FF
Post #147621733 added 06-02-2021 6:15 PM by rockinyp in Hot Deals
I’m a full time YouTube creator and love this camera. It’s the most underrated camera for on-the-go shooting, IMO. It has great stabilization, good auto focus, and the color looks good without color...
Post #147621730 added 06-02-2021 6:15 PM by Promit in Hot Deals
Man. I shot for years on m43 and I will always love Olympus … but there’s a reason they eventually had to sell the whole business and Panasonic moved so much of their energy into the full frame S...
Post #147618445 added 06-02-2021 3:16 PM by Wasser in Hot Deals
Not really, there are plenty of wide-angle options. 7-14 (x2), 8-18, 9-18, Laowa primes (7.5 & 10), Samyang 7.5 and Oly 8 fisheye... probably missing a bunch.
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