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Post #147987046 added 06-21-2021 10:42 AM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
I'm down for that. Tired of the button clicking/mashing race just to either upgrade or buy something for a friend/family member
Post #147980974 added 06-21-2021 9:02 AM by TheZander in Deal Talk
I ended up using the EVGA to make a build for a local gamer. I'll probably give this HP 3060 to one of my sons. He could use an upgrade from his 1060, and we can mine with it on the side! Your HP...
Post #147977299 added 06-21-2021 7:59 AM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
i did some more testing with my hp 3060. settled on -500/1270 with PL of 70. Hits 49.x MH/s with E: 422kH/W @ 118w and 70% fan speed. I'm done testing, but thought i'd let you know in case you...
Post #147928429 added 06-19-2021 6:54 AM by TheZander in Deal Talk
Yeah, this is better than the EVGA 3060 I tried out. That card struggled to hit 50, and even at lower numbers in the high 40s, efficiency still wasn't good.
Post #147928408 added 06-19-2021 6:53 AM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
oh nice, looks like you hit a bit of silicone lottery. havent spent too much time pushing it, but mine tends to crash above 1300 mem clock maybe i'll try pushing power limit up a bit. but i was...
Post #147925591 added 06-18-2021 11:17 PM by TheZander in Deal Talk
Here are my current settings in Afterburner: Clock: -500 Mem: +1400 Fan: 85% Power Limit: 72% Current temp: 54c 50.06Mh/s, 122w, 410.4K efficiency
Post #147925297 added 06-18-2021 10:35 PM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
Putting my 3060 thru the paces at the moment. What type of settings did you use and what hash rate did you end up with? Just want to see how these compare with other AIBs. thanks!
Post #147925270 added 06-18-2021 10:32 PM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
Received mine this afternoon. Confirmed non LHR card, and also can confirm still shipping gold psu
Post #147792535 added 06-11-2021 9:39 PM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
My EPP discount knocked off another ~$60. it looks like it's not dropping the price for your edu account
Post #147788713 added 06-11-2021 5:16 PM by heftylefty58 in Deal Talk
I'm also seeing this for $1199 with my edu account, however, 5GAMER2021 only brings it down to 1139.99 before taxes for me. Do you have any hunch what I could be doing differently than you?
Post #147780583 added 06-11-2021 9:32 AM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
looks like it is back in stock, ships today but at 1199 (or less depending on work/edu discounts) 5GAMER2021 works on it. brings my total to 1,078.24 before taxes
Post #147771802 added 06-10-2021 9:14 PM by estacionsj in Deal Talk
on the specs it says it comes with 400 watt platinum power supply, mines came with a gold power supply, has anyone complained to HP about it ? If so what did they say. wondering if they will send u...
Post #147751213 added 06-09-2021 9:01 PM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
Nice! Wonder how much longer the "old" LHR 3060 will be around
Post #147751129 added 06-09-2021 8:55 PM by TheZander in Deal Talk
Yes, it can. I ordered mine on the 29th, I believe. It arrived on the 4th. I have tested that with mine, and it worked. I bought it to build a gaming PC with the 3060 and use the CPU in another...
Post #147751069 added 06-09-2021 8:50 PM by psumarsh in Deal Talk
So when did you order yours? And this one can still be defeated via 470.05/dummy plug? I think that's what the last poster was asking since some EVGAs have the new hw id and arent recognized by the...
Post #147747757 added 06-09-2021 5:21 PM by TheZander in Deal Talk
The 3060 has always had a hashrate limiter. It targets ETH, but it can be bypassed by using the beta driver and a connected display or HDMI dummy plug just like any other 3060.
Post #147747148 added 06-09-2021 4:44 PM by estacionsj in Deal Talk
It’s the RTX 3060 the new model with LHR , or is it none LHR
Post #147720106 added 06-08-2021 9:31 AM by StanleyW3884 in Deal Talk
Do you know if HP will charge you for the code afterwards although the pc was cancelled?
Thanks for the update. Looks like only a couple of us got refunds. And free office 360 codes for the trouble. Definitely was a good deal for the price. I hope I can get another chance perhaps with a...
Post #147684415 added 06-06-2021 9:21 AM by TheZander in Deal Talk
Mine arrived a couple days ago. Ordered before they went out of stock the first time. A couple of notes to answer questions: 1. This 400w PSU is rated GOLD instead of platinum. That's too bad,...
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