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Post #147889165 added 06-17-2021 9:47 AM by sq33k in Deal Talk
Got this TV yesterday. I find if very underwhelming so far. Color is just too saturated. To the point it loses detail. I tried following RTing's guide and it's just not great. I'll have to futz...
Post #147827215 added 06-14-2021 9:48 AM by DeProof in Deal Talk
Stop defending them then. Simply put, I am right. There is no legitimate argument anyone can make for why they choose not to include DV. Weird that you would prefer the option that includes DV for...
Post #147820789 added 06-13-2021 8:35 PM by life4eva in Deal Talk
The only 🤡 is someone such as yourself continuing to respond in this thread when you have no interest in this product……… 🤔 I own a Hisense H9G, 2 Oleds (A8H, BX) and a Samsung Qled, so maybe I’m a...
Post #147811294 added 06-13-2021 8:21 AM by DeProof in Deal Talk
Just by the way you use disingenuous arguments show you are the real 🤡. No one claimed it wasn't an excellent LED TV overall. This whole thread has been about how they don't include the biggest...
Post #147806962 added 06-12-2021 9:22 PM by life4eva in Deal Talk
You’re a real 🤡 Scroll all the way to the bottom https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/flatscreen Rtings themselves on June 11th, changed “The BEST Led” TVs from the Q80t to the QN90A…… ...
Post #147779533 added 06-11-2021 9:40 AM by DeProof in Deal Talk
lol dOn't bLaMe SaMsUng if all tHe MaJoR strEAmIng siTeS eXcEpt One dOn't sUpport ThEir Shitty vErSiOn of DV 🤪 Pretty much every TV maker supports it now on their mid to high end sets, with the...
Post #147776653 added 06-11-2021 7:09 AM by srudoff in Deal Talk
i bought a tv from buydig 2 years ago with a CPS warranty. i ended up having to file a claim - CPS sent a tech out. He was at my house for 10 minutes and told me the board was bad. CPS contacted me...
Post #147767839 added 06-10-2021 6:00 PM by life4eva in Deal Talk
What are the plenty of TVs that offer Dolby vision at the price? Any off brand tv is no where close, Rtings also rated Q80t as still one of if not the Best LED/LCD tv today……. Only comparable set...
Post #147721531 added 06-08-2021 11:36 AM by sq33k in Deal Talk
(Edit: Never mind.)
Post #147720955 added 06-08-2021 11:11 AM by DeProof in Deal Talk
That's not a Dolby Vision vs no DV argument, that is a QLED vs OLED argument. Plenty of quality TVs in this price range include Dolby Vision. The question is, why doesn't Samsung?
Post #147719512 added 06-08-2021 10:04 AM by sq33k in Deal Talk
Irrelevant. People looking to buy an OLED TV probably aren't looking twice at this. And I don't think it's a bad deal either... I bought the TV. However, if people didn't pay a premium for the...
Post #147718450 added 06-08-2021 9:13 AM by seawolf in Deal Talk
Voting feedback shows only 14% is thinking this is a bad deal. Seems like only a subset of that 12% is thinking DV is worth the extra $1,200 premium.
Post #147718327 added 06-08-2021 9:08 AM by sq33k in Deal Talk
"Worth" is up to the person paying the premium. To you? Maybe not. To others? Obviously so.
Post #147714355 added 06-08-2021 2:28 AM by PhilIndeblanc in Deal Talk
100% agree. I had a monitor and fridge both top of line and both failed, $3800 fridge failed in 3years
Post #147707182 added 06-07-2021 4:39 PM by seawolf in Deal Talk
The debate with Dolby Vision seems moot. LG 77” is $3k vs $1.8k on this deal. Yes LG OLED looks more vibrant but not enough to warrant a >$1,200 price difference. If we were comparing both models...
Post #147707008 added 06-07-2021 4:28 PM by namlook in Deal Talk
Ok, noted, but it just doesn't seem like there is a consensus on how important DV is. Opinions are all over the place. The price/performance for Samsung TVs can be pretty good if you wait for deals....
Post #147703534 added 06-07-2021 1:20 PM by DeProof in Deal Talk
I have a LG CX, Sony 950H, and a couple TCL 6 series sets. All include DV. I can see a major difference with it on/off. I have had a Q7 and a Q8. Both went back because I couldn't justify the price...
Post #147703192 added 06-07-2021 1:00 PM by namlook in Deal Talk
Yes, it would be nice, but if you compare the picture quality on the Samsung TV vs another TV with DV that's at the same price point is anyone going to look at them and think the Samsung TV looks...
Post #147702967 added 06-07-2021 12:50 PM by sq33k in Deal Talk
If no one is around to help you just walk up to the register and ask them to get you someone.
Post #147702487 added 06-07-2021 12:28 PM by sq33k in Deal Talk
Wait, is this TV different than the one that RTings rates as "the best" LCD/LED TV they've reviewed? https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/by-size/70-75-77-inch...
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