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Post #148161565 added 06-28-2021 7:18 AM by FuschiaLocket4550 in Hot Deals
Available for $65 at my local walmart. YMMV, manager special
Post #147796351 added 06-12-2021 7:06 AM by CelestialD in Hot Deals
Look for a tent tall enough to stand up in (at least in the center) with an easy-up exterior frame. The tent should have a rain fly that covers the sides nearly down to the ground for use if it...
Post #147778447 added 06-11-2021 7:46 AM by DisneyMom5000 in Hot Deals
I love how I got an alert about washer and dryers, clicked it, and it brought me here 🤣
Post #147772993 added 06-10-2021 11:02 PM by OGSDER in Hot Deals
Sorry, investors with cash offers have scooped it off the market
Post #147742510 added 06-09-2021 12:18 PM by HasRa in Hot Deals
for about 82 or 84 at eBay with free shipping. but returns are not as easy as Walmart. just FYI
Post #147738730 added 06-09-2021 8:59 AM by sdyaris in Hot Deals
Yes, if you are carrying it in a bottle or other mode of transport.
Post #147716944 added 06-08-2021 6:52 AM by Edxzxz in Hot Deals
Well they're in the wilderness, so she could say 'no' to his proposal, but the thing is she's not going to say no. You know, because of the implication.
Post #147716497 added 06-08-2021 6:20 AM by Eltoroz00m in Hot Deals
How so? It's a legit question for some. Ever come out in the morning and sometimes you notice the grass is wet and it didn't rain? It's called dew.
Post #147704317 added 06-07-2021 1:05 PM by ThatOneDood in Hot Deals
Maybe so, but perhaps they have a BS in philosophy with a minor in applied sarcasm? Regardless, lets stick to facts that this person favors NCSU and is more likely to have graduated from there (or...
Post #147703216 added 06-07-2021 12:01 PM by Sparkyrae12020 in Hot Deals
Not for nothing, but I visited a Walmart in Keller, TX Sunday morning to get some other items and at the front door they had a pallet of these for $50/each. I scooped the last one and have already...
Post #147695269 added 06-07-2021 4:30 AM by CLBrian68 in Hot Deals
It really depends on what you're trying to do: backpacking, car camping, glamping, etc. We upgraded to a wal-mart 10=person easy up tent (~$150). The thing is huge, super easy to setup, and we...
Post #147692575 added 06-06-2021 8:33 PM by redpoint5 in Hot Deals
Best product photo is the man on one knee proposing to the woman with this cheap camping setup. Frugal and capable isn't a bad proposition.
Post #147692146 added 06-06-2021 7:51 PM by bert_rodriguez in Hot Deals
Not buying, but gotdamn, that is extremely helpful. Lol. TU & repped!
Post #147691738 added 06-06-2021 7:12 PM by calidiy in Hot Deals
Thank you very much. I probably should buy 6 person Coleman for 4 person then. Excellent suggestions , much appreciated. 👍
Post #147691669 added 06-06-2021 7:07 PM by chuckda4th in Hot Deals
Coleman sundome has always been my go to for inexpensive car camping tent. Always used them as boy scouts, and will be using a >15yo one for a 2 night trip this coming weekend. About 7y ago we...
Post #147691426 added 06-06-2021 6:53 PM by calidiy in Hot Deals
What do you recommend for a better quality tent for four? (Next level from this). First time camper but want to buy good quality tent and other camping items. Kids still very young so don’t want to...
Post #147689359 added 06-06-2021 4:04 PM by swgfanforlife in Hot Deals
I live here in Louisiana where I grew up fishing, hunting and camping every weekend. My dad always had a cheap tent and we spent many many nights out under the stars and under a rainy sky. Every fall...
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