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Post #147752254 added 06-09-2021 10:36 PM by RomulusMaximus in Deal Talk
Is it me or doesn't it look like they're holding a gun in pictures 6 and 7? The sisters are packing heat! :lol:
Post #147751711 added 06-09-2021 9:36 PM by DontTaxBeer in Deal Talk
oh, like chucky. yeah, it checks out.
Post #147748801 added 06-09-2021 6:29 PM by Peichen in Deal Talk
Her head seems a bit big :D
Post #147746977 added 06-09-2021 4:34 PM by Mr. Sparkles in Deal Talk
My dog will not let it go until enough stuffing is removed to build a snow man.
Post #147745849 added 06-09-2021 3:12 PM by EmbraceSrini in Deal Talk
In for 3 for my nieces. Wish elsa also went on sale. Thank you OP
Post #147745450 added 06-09-2021 2:47 PM by JustinC8645 in Deal Talk
Wow! Totally unnecessary, over-sized, and ridiculous. In for 1.
Post #147745084 added 06-09-2021 2:28 PM by Zallador in Deal Talk
In for two. Perfect gift for my girls for reverse gifting on Father's Day. ;D Thanks, OP!
Post #147742681 added 06-09-2021 12:24 PM by jtiago in Deal Talk
Imagine one of those coming to life and running around your house? Or you see its figure in the dark and you think it's your kid. No thanks...
Post #147737515 added 06-09-2021 7:53 AM by JuJuFrankenbean in Deal Talk
Walmart link seems to be working again :)
Post #147734614 added 06-09-2021 3:50 AM by QueenMegz in Deal Talk
super bummed i missed this :( Anna is my daughter's favorite!
Post #147734422 added 06-09-2021 2:46 AM by Litelnole in Deal Talk
WalMart link broken...
Post #147726586 added 06-08-2021 2:55 PM by Coyotezeye in Deal Talk
Lame Amazon jacked the price up and Walmart is $6 shipping with no ship to store option
Post #147724909 added 06-08-2021 1:20 PM by NavyPartner9886 in Deal Talk
Thank you for posting this I was hoping for Elsa but Anna is also great for a gift
Post #147724432 added 06-08-2021 12:55 PM by SlickDealio in Deal Talk
Me too. Maybe Amazon will match later.
Post #147718714 added 06-08-2021 8:27 AM by Rocket_US in Deal Talk
On Walmart i can see price as 7.59
Post #147742936 added 06-08-2021 5:40 AM by SlickDealio in Deal Talk
Walmart has the 34" Disney Frozen 2 Jumbo Singing Light Up Plush Anna on sale for $7.59. Shipping is free w/ Walmart+ (Free Trial) or on orders $35+. Thanks community member JuJuFrankenbean for...
Post #147715897 added 06-08-2021 5:40 AM by JuJuFrankenbean in Deal Talk
Amazon has the 34" Disney Frozen 2 Jumbo Singing Light Up Plush Anna on sale for $9.11 < NLA now $22.05. Shipping is free w/ Amazon Prime or on orders $25+. Also available: Walmart has the 34"...

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