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Post #147830722 added 06-14-2021 12:57 PM by luvagdeal in Deal Talk
We always buy king size for our queen bed
Post #147820072 added 06-13-2021 7:44 PM by TheUndertaker in Deal Talk
I need a cheapo comforter or blanket (duvet insert) with the duvet tabs... my real comforter is too warm during the summer. I dont think this one really has it so pretty much worthless.
Post #147805435 added 06-12-2021 7:10 PM by saucy_saucer_sauce in Deal Talk
$20-30. It's a polyester (plastic) cover filled with polyester (more plastic)
Post #147798352 added 06-12-2021 10:19 AM by dealgrabber1 in Deal Talk
Guys my wife and I spent 9 yrs of buying cheap comforters. We finally spent $400 on a comforter and the quality, softness, and weight on it are all amazing!! Really happy we finally bit the bullet
Post #147798142 added 06-12-2021 10:07 AM by OlivePen6841 in Deal Talk
What’s the thread count? Can’t seem to find it
Post #147796834 added 06-12-2021 8:39 AM by NauticalTerms in Deal Talk
Expect to pay about $60
Post #147794560 added 06-12-2021 5:03 AM by SOCEANBLUE in Deal Talk
Does it wash and dry easily? I use a shared laundry and prefer to buy one that dries fast..thanks!
Post #147793450 added 06-12-2021 12:11 AM by lazzlazz in Deal Talk
What do you mean it will clump up? I have something similar I bought from Macy's a while back. I've washed it and it's never clumped up. It's microfiber cover, and the polyester fill,...
Post #147793285 added 06-11-2021 11:46 PM by Jerry_Clarkman in Deal Talk
How many different words for fake can you throw into a title?!? “Royal Luxe” “down alternative” “microfiber”
Post #147792871 added 06-11-2021 11:07 PM by Investor9872 in Deal Talk
Gross! How would you wash something like this? It will clump up if you try.
Post #147792694 added 06-11-2021 10:52 PM by mseklecki in Deal Talk
It feels luxurious. The quality seems good. I honestly don’t know how to judge that. I know I like it and I want more colors. It’s so cheap, and I love how it feels against my skin; I don’t plan on a...
Post #147792622 added 06-11-2021 10:47 PM by NatalieW30 in Deal Talk
Does it feel like good quality?
Post #147792595 added 06-11-2021 10:45 PM by mseklecki in Deal Talk
I don’t know how long it will last but it is super comfortable. I’m going to buy a few more. It has a lightweight feel.
Post #147791653 added 06-11-2021 9:21 PM by madrascaldavid in Deal Talk
Almost as good as the ones you’d find everyday at Walmart for $30. They’re worth about this price, don’t fall for the joke $130 MSRP.
Post #147791239 added 06-11-2021 8:47 PM by idlezork in Deal Talk
Don't bother with Macy's MSRP. I've bought one of those normally-$100-but-on-sale-for-$30 comforter set that turned out to be one of the worst purchase ever. The comforter started falling apart...
Post #147791101 added 06-11-2021 8:38 PM by enkay2 in Deal Talk
It says originally $130 on the Macy’s website but highly doubt it..
Post #147791008 added 06-11-2021 8:31 PM by jayquik03 in Deal Talk
How much do these really normally sell for?
Post #147763033 added 06-10-2021 1:18 PM by Ajax125 in Deal Talk
FYI, if you order this to be shipped to the store, expect to wait upwards of 2 weeks for it to arrive. I'm still waiting for an order I purchased on 5/30.
Post #147732208 added 06-08-2021 9:53 PM by daisybeetle in Deal Talk
Price valid through 6/14/21
Post #147793813 added 06-08-2021 7:40 AM by CChoiVA in Deal Talk
Macy's has Royal Luxe Lightweight Microfiber Color Down Alternative Comforter (Various) on sale for $19.99. Slickdeals Cashback is available for this store (PC extension required, before checkout)....
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