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Post #147752059 added 06-09-2021 10:12 PM by ShooterMcGavin_69 in Deal Talk
Anyone got deals on sprite and jolly ranchers to go with this?
Post #147749383 added 06-09-2021 7:03 PM by outersquare in Deal Talk
Even before covid several physicians told me non prescription cough medication are useless wastes of money.
Post #147749128 added 06-09-2021 6:47 PM by PostConsumerWat in Deal Talk
last i checked that phenylephrine is not effective for nasal decongestion, but something like poppers.. they dont make it like they used to
Post #147746158 added 06-09-2021 3:33 PM by keanefan72 in Deal Talk
Let that Tussin get down to the bone!
Post #147744376 added 06-09-2021 1:54 PM by Selman in Deal Talk
The morons above want to try to make this political, but what you are really here for is to see if this will make you robotrip your balls off. While there is enough DXM to go heavy in the paint,...
Post #147741559 added 06-09-2021 11:31 AM by sdtacos250 in Deal Talk
Wash your face and get the vaccine
Post #147739501 added 06-09-2021 9:39 AM by RockmanNeo in Deal Talk
In Cali, masks never left. Also mask itself doesn't protect you from Covid. It's combination of wearing mask, social distancing, sanitizing, and washing your hands more.
Post #147739456 added 06-09-2021 9:37 AM by rph1 in Deal Talk
This has the active ingredient of Tylenol in it. So be careful not to take Tylenol/Acetaminophen on top of this. Also, phenylephrine will increase heart rate as well as blood pressure. So it's not...
Post #147739225 added 06-09-2021 9:26 AM by seasky1 in Deal Talk
I guess this is another one of those people who are still haunted by Trump. It is okay now, you can come out. He is no longer the president.... If it does not help, seek help from a psychiatrist.
Post #147739198 added 06-09-2021 9:25 AM by deal_punter in Deal Talk
These are the times when walmart+ is helpful.
Post #147739132 added 06-09-2021 9:22 AM by CrimsonPear5906 in Deal Talk
What must it be like to be so devoid of intelligence you take statements of scientific fact as partisan? Tell me about your life.
Post #147738943 added 06-09-2021 9:10 AM by The_Untergang in Deal Talk
Maybe if you’re government can’t afford to provide free covid testing for possible covid infected patients, then I’ll believe your “misdiagnosis”
Post #147738922 added 06-09-2021 9:09 AM by BoastfulSink620 in Deal Talk
I think the worse it taste the better it is for you. At least thats what I was told. Also...flu will be back this year. So will mask.
Post #147738901 added 06-09-2021 9:08 AM by ktnsvm in Deal Talk
lmao dude - sign off.
Post #147738400 added 06-09-2021 8:45 AM by ShoutySpice in Deal Talk
This stuff is nasty. I haven't used it since early 2020 (thanks masks!) but I can still remember the horrid taste. I'll gladly pay $10+ a bottle for something more palatable because I could barely...
Post #147738382 added 06-09-2021 8:42 AM by football18 in Deal Talk
You’re mistaken.
Post #147728815 added 06-08-2021 5:11 PM by sdtacos250 in Deal Talk
Go away trump
Post #147728578 added 06-08-2021 4:58 PM by Phaty in Deal Talk
Flu and cold cases were more likely diagnosed as Covid cases. If I'm not mistaken, both are caused by strains of corona virus.
Post #147728206 added 06-08-2021 4:35 PM by PennyFound in Deal Talk
Walmart.com has Robitussin Adult Max Strength Severe Cough Cold & Flu Liquid Medicine for $2.54. Select free store pickup if applicable where stock permits. Otherwise, shipping is free with Walmart+...

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