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Post #147820297 added 06-13-2021 7:04 PM by booboloo in Deal Talk
up to the tire shop to determine, depends how long it ran low at what speed, if it was a high load then the insides will be chowdered up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxnkGiAOOhM if it was low...
Post #147809809 added 06-13-2021 4:35 AM by He-Man in Deal Talk
I just filled all 4 of a SUV. 31.5 psi to 35 psi. Worked like a breeze. Took a minute for each. I will probably be using it again only after a couple of months. If this thing works just 10 times, the...
Post #147807175 added 06-12-2021 8:36 PM by poohbie in Deal Talk
I just got mine in, and this one is much faster on topping up car tires (e.g. inflating from 32psi to 35psi) than all the other ones I've had or currently have (including ones I got at Costco and...
Post #147778327 added 06-11-2021 7:41 AM by mgoodlin in Deal Talk
I suggest you pee on the unit while it is still plugged in and then stick your tongue in the socket
Post #147770059 added 06-10-2021 7:25 PM by jbloggs in Deal Talk
I'm looking at getting the following one for $25. It has great reviews. https://www.harborfreight.com/12v-100-psi-high-volume-air-inflator-63745.html
Post #147764371 added 06-10-2021 1:31 PM by logicpad in Deal Talk
Can it be used for kids mountain bikes if you have experience?
Post #147762829 added 06-10-2021 12:07 PM by britdude in Deal Talk
Would you suggest carrying a gallon jug of water to put the fire out? Will distilled water work better to put the fire out or use regular drinking water?
Post #147759715 added 06-10-2021 9:28 AM by Muthuragavan in Deal Talk
Code not working for me.. Might be expired
Post #147758599 added 06-10-2021 8:41 AM by FuschiaScene411 in Deal Talk
They’re all junk: they’ll work a couple times, but they may seize and fail at any point. Just buy whichever one feels best to you, then hope it doesn’t fail. Personally, I don’t like cheaping out...
Post #147758443 added 06-10-2021 8:36 AM by iamiamian in Deal Talk
Sign me up! NOW!
Post #147757930 added 06-10-2021 8:16 AM by mgoodlin in Deal Talk
bought one of these last night around. Couldnt get psi in flat tire past 30 pounds for a 50 pound tire. Thing got so hot it started smoking. If you want a fire in your car go ahead and buy this.
Post #147757555 added 06-10-2021 7:59 AM by BhavikP in Deal Talk
The tire was just fine.
Post #147757483 added 06-10-2021 7:55 AM by aqan in Deal Talk
Wouldn’t that kill the tire tho?
Post #147757474 added 06-10-2021 7:55 AM by aqan in Deal Talk
TU for quart of oil. I need to buy that for my car. Does the oil have an expiration date?
Post #147757465 added 06-10-2021 7:54 AM by BhavikP in Deal Talk
I have had these in my Tesla’s since they don’t have spares. At this price its a no brainer. My wife recently got a long bolt in her tire. Tow service was 2+ hours. I used this to fill the tire up...
Post #147757294 added 06-10-2021 7:46 AM by manicmania900 in Deal Talk
Bought 2 of them , 1 for me 1 for parents. Coupon worked for 2 of them in the cart. Thanks OP hopefully they'll work in a pinch.
Post #147757147 added 06-10-2021 7:39 AM by asant76 in Deal Talk
I purchased this before and it's pretty good. I like the fact that it has a detectable cord. That makes it easier to store. I just purchased a second one for the other car.
Post #147757069 added 06-10-2021 7:36 AM by ChrisC1332 in Deal Talk
I know. One of them came with my Audew. The point is that if you don't want to get caught with a pump but no adapter (lost forgotten or otherwise), buy something else because this will require an...
Post #147756640 added 06-10-2021 7:13 AM by jw255 in Deal Talk
There are little adapters that screw onto presta that allow you to use a Schrader valve pump on a presta valve. For example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DN2MTKQ/
Post #147756271 added 06-10-2021 6:50 AM by ChrisC1332 in Deal Talk
If you have a road bike you probably want a presta valve, not a Schrader valve
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