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Post #147843232 added 06-15-2021 5:37 AM by dadoody in Hot Deals
This stuff is very good and pretty effective; however, one gallon will last you a very long time unless you're a heavy heavy user or industrial, because this stuff is super concentrated and you MUST...
Post #147829897 added 06-14-2021 11:19 AM by surlacher54 in Hot Deals
In Greenville SC bought some the other day on clearance for $3 a bottle. Probably won't find at most Walmarts for this price but maybe worth a look
Post #147828919 added 06-14-2021 10:26 AM by MagdaO2734 in Hot Deals
I prefer the eco friendly products, because I love my planet !
Post #147827569 added 06-14-2021 9:09 AM by robertw477 in Hot Deals
The wholesale clubs and big box retailers have warehouses full of cleaning supplies,hand sanitizer, hand soap. All the pandemic stuff. They will eb dumping that stuff to make room for other goods.
Post #147827443 added 06-14-2021 9:01 AM by supafreeza in Hot Deals
How do you guys go math? This is $7.5 per gallon.
Post #147826354 added 06-14-2021 8:05 AM by hungrytiger in Hot Deals
Pretty good stuff. I was surprised my kids ran out. 1. Anyway, it will clean a front loader better than bleach. You will be surprised the soap scum that it knocks loose.(wife can't stand the...
Post #147826168 added 06-14-2021 7:56 AM by hunter8175 in Hot Deals
I bought a house at auction that someone had died in and decomposed before they were found. The house had a smell that was indescribable but it was very bad. I used odoban and lots of it. It did help...
Post #147825721 added 06-14-2021 7:23 AM by uniqueflips in Hot Deals
I use this in the past as an air freshener when my dog came back wet. Great overall air freshener for DIY in a spray bottle.
Post #147825127 added 06-14-2021 6:41 AM by UsedtoBeHidn in Hot Deals
This is great for people with campers or RVs.
Post #147823594 added 06-14-2021 3:28 AM by jebolyn in Hot Deals
Use it with grease lightning in the carpet cleaner. Works great
Post #147822772 added 06-13-2021 11:32 PM by Eflo8 in Hot Deals
Where I live it is $12-$16 dollars per gallon
Post #147813613 added 06-13-2021 10:09 AM by MarilynF9331 in Hot Deals
As a massage therapist I use this in the wash for massage sheets and to disinfect massage table without drying out the fake leather material like other cleaners do.
Post #147803854 added 06-12-2021 4:00 PM by Desiree650 in Hot Deals
Have been using this product for more yrs then I can count. Truly the best sanitizer to kill bacteria and freshen your home. This is a great deal for those that stock up regularly. Also used in...
Post #147803140 added 06-12-2021 2:55 PM by Dory2302 in Hot Deals
When our kids had the same issue, another parent recommended and I have been using their products for over a decade now. I used to be able to get 4 bottles for under $23 preCovid time so under $30...
Post #147796477 added 06-12-2021 7:15 AM by zuhl in Hot Deals
Our young duaghter pees thr bed a lot. This is great for that smell when added to wash. Just dont overdo it or you smell like a nursing home.
Post #147795745 added 06-12-2021 6:20 AM by beerguy419 in Hot Deals
$10 yes, $9 no.
Post #147795727 added 06-12-2021 6:19 AM by beerguy419 in Hot Deals
It's actually a disinfectant too which may be more beneficial to most. A little goes a long way to. You don't use it straight.
Post #147795148 added 06-12-2021 5:33 AM by FairWriter2313 in Hot Deals
This price is nothing special, $9.00 a gallon is normal.
Post #147794989 added 06-12-2021 5:18 AM by kikilaroux in Hot Deals
Yes! Use a diluted solution to clean our puppies kennel or after any dog accidents. I use it to clean our son’s bathroom to get that “boy bathroom” smell out. I use the lavender scented one for...
Post #147791911 added 06-11-2021 8:46 PM by Hexum944 in Hot Deals
I love the smell of Odoban. Very clean and refreshing.
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