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Post #149274274 added 08-24-2021 2:41 PM by johnnyblades in Deal Talk
OK, i'm clearly an idiot. I don't have any Apple products. I was able to create an Apple ID. But I can't sign into Apple TV on my PC. I just keep getting this error message: Before you can sign...
Post #148641301 added 07-22-2021 11:22 PM by pippypoppy in Deal Talk
Great, thanks!
Post #148641076 added 07-22-2021 10:58 PM by kwadguy in Deal Talk
Yes. I cancelled my existing Apple+ subscription. Clicked on the Target Circle link, and it immediately added to my EXISTING account (same one that had the other free membership).
Post #148639528 added 07-22-2021 8:43 PM by Qbtova in Deal Talk
Did you short apple and get smoked this month and last month? If so, lol
Post #148638400 added 07-22-2021 7:30 PM by JC8588 in Deal Talk
FYI....Apple TV+ app is now available on the Nvidia Shield, just in case anyone wanted to know.
Post #148634059 added 07-22-2021 4:22 PM by pippypoppy in Deal Talk
When you cancelled, were you able to add the free four months to your existing account?
Post #148634041 added 07-22-2021 4:20 PM by pippypoppy in Deal Talk
Anyone know when the $4.99 credit Apple TV+ subscribers are getting will end? It says online it was meant to end in June, but I just got another one this week. (FYI, this is not the free year people...
Post #148632952 added 07-22-2021 3:23 PM by Binar in Deal Talk
Is Apple TV any good? looked at their line up: Too Woke for me Hard pass
Post #148575694 added 07-19-2021 8:07 PM by edAU in Deal Talk
I had a free Apple Music trial before. Just did the Best Buy code which gave me 3 months, then redeemed Target code for another month.
Post #148527118 added 07-17-2021 4:07 AM by DoctorLecter in Deal Talk
I have the apple music, apple arcade and icloud codes for trade. I want $5 amazon GC for all 3 if interested. PM me
Post #148526911 added 07-17-2021 3:22 AM by DoctorLecter in Deal Talk
Same here. It was more like what, 18 months? After the extension. Anyhow, just redeemed the 4 month one from this deal no problem.
Post #148519663 added 07-16-2021 3:56 PM by kensteele in Deal Talk
allowed my one year tv trial to continue for one more week but signed up for free 3-month you get when you buy an ipad (under a separate id) so that takes me thru november. will tack on this target...
Post #148469092 added 07-14-2021 8:16 AM by MyungP in Deal Talk
Target Circle member free Apple Music 4mo, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, apple cloud. ...
Post #148465867 added 07-14-2021 5:03 AM by Mike904 in Deal Talk
Good looking out
Post #148463704 added 07-13-2021 10:12 PM by thund3rcat in Deal Talk
I cancelled one year TV trial, since it was about to end. Immediately signed up for this and works fine.
Post #148463680 added 07-13-2021 10:10 PM by SweetestDeals in Deal Talk
Target Circle is offering FREE 6-Month & 4-Month Subscriptions of the following Apple services: Apple Arcade (6 months) Apple Music (4 months) Apple TV+ (4 months) 50GB of iCloud Storage (4...
Post #148426321 added 07-12-2021 7:52 AM by Crew in Deal Talk
Can anyone chime in with Apple Music web streaming? Is the, "Failed To Fetch," error always this prevalent and awful? It's practically unlistenable, with all the cutouts and errors and...
Post #148405039 added 07-10-2021 5:46 PM by wolfie14 in Deal Talk
I did the target offer first and it worked for me just fine. Can’t remember if the offer disappeared from the settings screen though. They probably emailed you about it at some point, maybe you...
Post #148404934 added 07-10-2021 5:36 PM by wolfie14 in Deal Talk
In case someone sees this, you can cancel your iCloud 50gb and right after your plan downgrades at the end of your bill cycle, you can use the 50gb free trial. Just did that and it worked. You...
Post #148352920 added 07-07-2021 8:33 PM by kwadguy in Deal Talk
Wow, my free subscription was about to end on July 15. Just canceled and then did the deal in this thread and now i"m set until Nov 7. And, as noted, you can immediately cancel and the free...
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