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Post #147969499 added 06-21-2021 4:30 AM by PurpleNarwhal9512 in Deal Talk
Several reports on tool channels, forums, etc. Here is a short one that summarizes the situation https://youtu.be/ls0mwwGLZ0E , and you could always check yourself with a Milwaukee rep at Home Depot...
Post #147969028 added 06-21-2021 4:03 AM by oneind97 in Deal Talk
Are use this model to vacuum the inside of my truck many times and it never shut down on me I was using the included 6.0 battery
Post #147943630 added 06-20-2021 5:36 AM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
You could use a whisk broom and dust pan. Hard to plug in those M12 batteries though...
Post #147942913 added 06-20-2021 3:52 AM by andrwr77 in Deal Talk
Curious, but where did you find this information? I love the M12 line and was really excited when the fuel vacuum came out. I bought it at release, however I had to return it because the unit shut...
Post #147936394 added 06-19-2021 3:57 PM by SaiyanForce in Deal Talk
Post #147933226 added 06-19-2021 12:09 PM by kherbinoskie in Deal Talk
And that's the thing, you can use any cheap vacuum for the intended job of this M12 vac. I am just speaking like a true cheap SlickDealer.
Post #147931732 added 06-19-2021 10:33 AM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
OK, so your DeWalt is apparently intended for use as a long running dust extractor and that's just fine and dandy. That is not what this little M12 vacuum is designed for. Choose the right tool...
Post #147931573 added 06-19-2021 10:24 AM by kherbinoskie in Deal Talk
Yes that is the only purpose. A vacuum for quick cleanup which any cheap vacuum can do. What I was explaining is the purpose of each vacuum. The Dewalt 2 gallon seem to get no love in here just...
Post #147928315 added 06-19-2021 6:45 AM by oneind97 in Deal Talk
Just to give some feedback from someone who has owned it. I had the m12 vacuum m18 standard and m18 pack out. I ended up with the m18 standard. If you’re on the m12 platform and plan on...
Post #147927307 added 06-19-2021 4:59 AM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
Even if that were true, it is still plenty of time to clean up the little messes that this vac is intended for. If you need to clean your whole shop, get a big plug-in model. If you need to clean...
Post #147926044 added 06-19-2021 12:26 AM by Xray30 in Deal Talk
If you are going to get a cordless shop vac, get the M18 or Rigid.
Post #147925156 added 06-18-2021 10:17 PM by kherbinoskie in Deal Talk
Even with 6ah, the runtime is mediocre. You are lucky to get 10-12 mins.
Post #147924157 added 06-18-2021 8:36 PM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
This isn't the M12 with a 2ah battery. It's the M12 Fuel with a 6ah battery.
Post #147921514 added 06-18-2021 5:38 PM by DapPlaty in Deal Talk
I'm finding that to be the rule with most battery tools that aren't lights. Bigger batteries mean better performance.
Post #147917104 added 06-18-2021 1:10 PM by ben2e in Deal Talk
@PurpleNarwhal9512 I did find https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eiUU-Ay3-I which seemed to confirm the M12 functions well assuming you use a battery larger than 2AH.
Post #147915436 added 06-18-2021 11:58 AM by ben2e in Deal Talk
That's good to hear. I was just going to bail on this model after reading the frequent comments that the power dropped quickly. Can you point us to where we can read up on the fix ? If it'll run 15...
Post #147912817 added 06-18-2021 9:58 AM by HOWBOUTIT in Deal Talk
If you think these little shop vacs are design to suck nails and screws, I predict short tool life
Post #147912646 added 06-18-2021 9:48 AM by xtrabad in Deal Talk
I guess in a pinch it could, but these cordless shopvacs are not designed to clean houses over a wide area of rooms like a cordless Dyson that uses a wand with a carpet brush or fluffy roller head...
Post #147912361 added 06-18-2021 9:36 AM by PurpleNarwhal9512 in Deal Talk
15 minutes on high, 25 minutes on the Low setting
Post #147912349 added 06-18-2021 9:36 AM by PurpleNarwhal9512 in Deal Talk
Those issues have been fixed in this batch of vacuums.
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