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Post #149636740 added 09-12-2021 10:36 PM by jassingh in Hot Deals
Pro wont get released till October. The event on the 13th is for the new iphones. The student deal usually ends near the end of September.
Post #149572750 added 09-09-2021 9:31 AM by charredangel in Hot Deals
Anyone have thoughts on buying now with the Apple event scheduled for 9/13? Will they shut down this deal before the event? I would be interested in a 14” Pro but if it’s much more ($500+) than the...
Post #149557528 added 09-08-2021 2:00 PM by dvett in Hot Deals
Curious about returning the AirPods as well. Apple said I could do it, but it would remove the AirPod discount off the Mac as well. Anyone been able to return the AirPods and still keep the $160 off...
Post #149447269 added 09-02-2021 3:57 AM by nugen in Hot Deals
Any luck retiring the airpods? I am thinking about doing this...
Post #149232382 added 08-22-2021 3:18 PM by jeffge in Hot Deals
Contact them again and get somebody else
Post #149232373 added 08-22-2021 3:17 PM by TonyT9182 in Hot Deals
Did you go to the store to return it or did you do it online? I spoke with an online rep and they said I gotta return both… Smh
Post #149202418 added 08-20-2021 12:27 PM by jeffge in Hot Deals
No, the trick is returning the AirPods
Post #149202373 added 08-20-2021 12:26 PM by jeffge in Hot Deals
So I just returned the AirPods for $165 and kept the computer for $740 plus no tax, in addition I traded in my old MacBook for $200 so all in all I upgraded my 2013 MacBook Air to a brand new one...
Post #149135824 added 08-17-2021 9:18 AM by adam.t.nguyen in Hot Deals
During tax free weekend, I bought my MacBook Pro and added the AirPods Pros online for $1,289+ $12.32(tax on AirPods pros). I got separate receipts and got charged $1,040 for the MacBook Pro and...
Post #148854673 added 08-02-2021 12:43 PM by flapjabby in Hot Deals
this is not valid on refurbished items, correct?
Post #148835968 added 08-01-2021 11:52 AM by ksr6 in Hot Deals
Credit card gives 1 year additional warranty. Not all of them need the warranty and are ok to get a discount. My calculations below for a 128GB iPad pro 12.9 Using gift cards I pay $855 vs $999 if...
Post #148833541 added 08-01-2021 9:20 AM by adityatetali in Hot Deals
Did anyone tried returning the Laptop and had a bit of luck in keeping the AirPods to themselves. Will that even work ???
Post #148808227 added 07-30-2021 3:42 PM by blueis300 in Hot Deals
Do you know what UNIDAY stands for? Your son needs to attend a University or need an University provided email address. Lol.
Post #148790242 added 07-29-2021 5:21 PM by Frank0554 in Hot Deals
But if you have a credit card that gives extra 1-2 years of warranty, why pay with gift cards
Post #148682182 added 07-24-2021 1:39 PM by miked6 in Hot Deals
Apple will price match up to 10%. Has anyone been to able to get Apple to price match the Best Buy student deal, and take an additional al 10% off of the current education pricing with free airpods?
Post #148584982 added 07-20-2021 10:02 AM by darkladyjadey in Hot Deals
Really? What did you say with them to get them to match the deal??
Post #148582885 added 07-20-2021 8:17 AM by grsgamer in Hot Deals
How long will this discount be available for?
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