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Post #149107381 added 08-15-2021 5:39 PM by Bunny99 in Hot Deals
Thanks Jatan. To anyone with T-mobile prepaid accounts, do you know if the prepaid balance is tied to a phone number or to the account with multiple numbers? I can transfer multiple lines to deplete...
Post #149097646 added 08-15-2021 4:22 AM by JaTaN in Hot Deals
Yes -- if you have it saved There was a similar offer for Xfinity Mobile in the past (save by x date and make two payments by y date) -- no problem getting credit I'm going to try mine on 9/1
Post #149096779 added 08-15-2021 12:06 AM by Bunny99 in Hot Deals
Would it work now, if I had it saved? The payments have to be made before 9/7.
Post #148902571 added 08-04-2021 5:54 PM by ndkn in Hot Deals
Got my credit around 2 weeks after transaction posted. online purchases. I bought 2 samsung tag.
Post #148671106 added 07-24-2021 1:58 AM by YCG in Hot Deals
One more data point: in-store purchases at a corporate-owned store on 7/13 and 7/16 for $63 each of accessories. Status just changed today (7/24) to show that offer has been redeemed.
Post #148660711 added 07-23-2021 2:53 PM by lewisndv in Hot Deals
Thank you, will keep a lookout after a few days
Post #148660138 added 07-23-2021 2:27 PM by hellis001 in Hot Deals
you are another 3/4 days away from credit
Post #148658932 added 07-23-2021 1:34 PM by lewisndv in Hot Deals
Can someone tell me how many days it took for theirs to show up? Made 2 accessory purchases totaled 50 something after tax Purchased it last Friday but still dont see any credit Thank you in...
Post #148650019 added 07-23-2021 8:44 AM by hellis001 in Hot Deals
I have a similiar issue with usbank, i am going try a smaller offer like biglots 10% back and test .but reading online it seems like you can use any card and you will get it back.
Post #148615018 added 07-21-2021 7:06 PM by foogalfruck in Hot Deals
Another DP Jun 23 $51 TMOBILE POSTPAID WEB Jul 8 $52 TMOBILE POSTPAID WEB Jul 19 $50 credit posted (I had the $50 not the $100 offer)
Post #148602367 added 07-21-2021 8:05 AM by jabstep12 in Hot Deals
Give it some time to "kick in." That happened to me and it eventually showed up
Post #148601473 added 07-21-2021 7:21 AM by william_asengx in Hot Deals
why is my offer expired on Chase even though I made both purchases before the offer expired? TMOBILE WEB UPGRADE purchases
Post #148593781 added 07-20-2021 5:49 PM by jabstep12 in Hot Deals
7 days after the second purchase
Post #148593757 added 07-20-2021 5:47 PM by ndkn in Hot Deals
Do you remember how many days after the purchase got posted?
Post #148593724 added 07-20-2021 5:46 PM by jabstep12 in Hot Deals
For some reason it shows on the "Redeemed Tab", Redeemed July 5, 2021
Post #148591717 added 07-20-2021 3:48 PM by GringoBling in Hot Deals
I made two $50 bill payments, the last being on July 12. It showed as Redeemed today.
Post #148591570 added 07-20-2021 3:42 PM by ndkn in Hot Deals
When does the offer show as redeemed? I did 2 charges ("TMOBILE*WEB UPGRADE) a few days ago before it expires. The offer is now under the expired section.
Post #148577146 added 07-19-2021 9:49 PM by plusrainforest in Hot Deals
Got 2 offers on 2 different cards, one credit, one debit, both them are $50 offer though. Bought 2 Apple lightning AV adapters online on one card for $49.99 each before tax; bought 4 pack Airtags in...
Post #148553062 added 07-18-2021 5:52 PM by erictom in Hot Deals
thank you offer shows up on online banking I don't know it's on which card(account)
Post #148552957 added 07-18-2021 5:44 PM by sweetdeal1029 in Hot Deals
Maybe check the account and then see if the offer shows up
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