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Post #149900191 added 09-25-2021 9:23 PM by kabukicho in Deal Talk
yep mine is exactly like you described. i tried to clone over my old laptop using a 2280 stick in a external enclosure. wouldnt boot up once installed in this inspiron 1515. I think it was...
Post #149809288 added 09-21-2021 12:45 PM by colonelheero in Deal Talk
Considering adding another SSD so I opened the back cover for the first time to check the existing SSD size and slots. To my pleasant surprise, the laptop was shipped with the smaller form 2230 so...
Post #149672347 added 09-14-2021 6:19 PM by kabukicho in Deal Talk
I downloaded the NFC, thanks. presently its at 43F. I could not find however, the processor performance boost mode to turn it off, not was i able to find any set processor performance increase...
Post #148460314 added 07-13-2021 6:14 PM by grathi_ec in Deal Talk
Ok, so its working now. I do not know what changed. Probably its the fact that I restarted my pc. Also I have selected Inspiron 7348 for my Inspiron 5515, with Ryzen 5500u. Thank you! Also When I...
Post #148457596 added 07-13-2021 3:42 PM by skyline31518 in Deal Talk
Does it read the temperature correctly? Make sure fan control service status is "Enabled".. try to pull the slide to 50%. I noticed you can't really control it at the specific fan speed, If I set...
Post #148436083 added 07-12-2021 3:12 PM by grathi_ec in Deal Talk
I did. But I have the inspiron with 5500u not 5700u. Can you tell me about all the steps that you took?
Post #148436041 added 07-12-2021 3:09 PM by skyline31518 in Deal Talk
Did you set it to Dell Inspiron 7375?
Post #148393882 added 07-09-2021 9:26 PM by grathi_ec in Deal Talk
I got the same laptop from last deal Here's my review from last post: I just got mine 2 days ago, the 5700U, 16 GB option. It does have touch screen(250 nits) and finger print scanner. Charging it...
Post #148137673 added 06-26-2021 3:35 PM by Vanquished in Deal Talk
I just uninstalled it lol. I haven't had anything more than windows defender for the last 5 years and have no problems. Can't see why I'd change that up now haha
Post #148117237 added 06-25-2021 12:02 PM by fifty2weekhi in Deal Talk
Just checked. Still available for $699.
Post #148117153 added 06-25-2021 11:58 AM by fifty2weekhi in Deal Talk
Do people generally uninstall McAfee or go along with the 12 month subscription?
Post #148094584 added 06-24-2021 11:54 AM by colonelheero in Deal Talk
Can confirm deal still alive via this link. Just got one. Thanks!
Post #148092616 added 06-24-2021 10:19 AM by Vanquished in Deal Talk
Its about twice as good as the 3500u in multi-thread benchmark and 25% better in single thread. Both apparently have Vega 8 integrated graphics. I probably won't play anything crazier than command...
Post #148092043 added 06-24-2021 9:46 AM by thund3rcat in Deal Talk
Type 5700U into youtube, you will see various gaming benchmarks.
Post #148091917 added 06-24-2021 9:39 AM by jonatumd in Deal Talk
I bought the below laptop in late 2019 to do some gaming, among other things. Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 14 Inch FHD Touchscreen Display, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor, 12GB DDR4...
Post #148091707 added 06-24-2021 9:29 AM by Vanquished in Deal Talk
People knocking this processor are idiots frankly. Yes it's worse than the 5800u but that is the case for literally every CPU available generation over generation. At this price point you can't get a...
Post #148090504 added 06-24-2021 8:39 AM by WhoMovedmyMouse in Deal Talk
it's not. try this link. I tried to update the post here, but I am unable. This link works and is still 49% available as of now. ...
Post #148089973 added 06-24-2021 8:20 AM by dumbTechie in Deal Talk
out of stock :(
Post #148083421 added 06-23-2021 9:12 PM by fawzi in Deal Talk
mine was 17% not 15% i believe. i might've been just lucky i guess. here is a breakdown of my order https://ibb.co/VpVpG9t after that the $120 from amex and 10% rebate. 1% standard from cc as...
Post #148083088 added 06-23-2021 8:51 PM by deeznutz206 in Deal Talk
My 15% coupon from the mailer that I received says it is a valid code but can't be applied to this deal. How did you get your mailer coupon to go through?
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