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Post #148225948 added 07-01-2021 7:13 AM by hansim4 in Deal Talk
Price has dropped to $1,129 now. Time to get a price adjustment for those who purchased this earlier. ...
Post #148139407 added 06-26-2021 5:54 PM by NavyHerring4714 in Deal Talk
FYI deal seems to be back up. https://deals.dell.com/en-us/mpp/productdetail/9by9
Post #148136398 added 06-26-2021 2:01 PM by SuplexCity in Deal Talk
Actually, even the review units seemed to have the same crappy RAM. If you watched that whole video, while they are not transparent about the RAM they are using, they are not sending out different...
Post #148136050 added 06-26-2021 1:39 PM by MozartA in Deal Talk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7CO9v9rpOk The Dirty Way Manufacturers are Downgrading Your PC/Laptop. When laptop manufacturer first sold their laptop, they may sold with better memory that...
Post #148087834 added 06-24-2021 6:35 AM by ghostowl in Deal Talk
For Starbucks? Laptops of course. For Hotel? SFFPC all day.
Post #148086067 added 06-24-2021 4:08 AM by legendmantd in Deal Talk
Is there a port to hookup egpu?
Post #148085806 added 06-24-2021 3:10 AM by nklk in Deal Talk
Are you going to train neural networks? Else, this does not make too much sense, honestly. You can find a cheaper laptop that meets your requirements.
Post #148085791 added 06-24-2021 3:08 AM by nklk in Deal Talk
Whatever is required for movies can easily be managed by the modern processors combined with the integrated graphics. If you have a budget in this range, I would suggest trying to get other cool...
Post #148082281 added 06-23-2021 8:03 PM by EvilTechie in Deal Talk
We do marketing for tier 1 global brands and when it comes to designing things, color accuracy matters Weve gotten used to great external monitors with like 125% plus srgb and like at least 90%...
Post #148079689 added 06-23-2021 6:01 PM by muraleee in Deal Talk
Is this a good developer laptop? I am looking to install Linux so that I can run containers.
Post #148078972 added 06-23-2021 5:26 PM by gvc in Deal Talk
Thanks for the replies. So the GPU isn't needed for streaming movies etc? I do want a nice bright display though.
Post #148077298 added 06-23-2021 4:22 PM by kevinh in Deal Talk
If you don't game, this is WAY overkill. Steer away from anything with a discrete graphics card (unlless it's a bottom tier one) since you're paying a premium for a feature that's useless to you.
Post #148077277 added 06-23-2021 4:20 PM by kevinh in Deal Talk
Most people would prefer not to have a SFFPC when they're at Starbucks, on a plane or in a hotel. That's not even considering the fact that desktop GPU's are priced through the nose and no one can...
Post #148077118 added 06-23-2021 4:14 PM by twostepopper in Deal Talk
Seriously this would be overkill for what you're describing. You'd be more than fine with the i5 deal for $650 + $65 cash back I mentioned above. What are your needs? Maybe you don't even need...
Post #148074613 added 06-23-2021 2:35 PM by gvc in Deal Talk
I don't game but am looking to replace my WFH computer. I need something powerful with a good screen and a numeric keypad. I don't travel so portability and battery life aren't so important. Would...
Post #148073203 added 06-23-2021 1:36 PM by Gotchaforce in Deal Talk
im curious what industry youre in where your designers like working on PCs and need color accuracy. M1 is crazy powerful and apple has the best screens by far
Post #148073194 added 06-23-2021 1:36 PM by twostepopper in Deal Talk
Thanks for the reply and feedback. That's a good point. I just finished watching a tech review on the Ryzen7 with the 3060 and Photoshop/Premiere scored really well for a laptop platform. I've...
Post #148073080 added 06-23-2021 1:32 PM by EvilTechie in Deal Talk
I don't consider i5 enough for my designers where we work with extremely large files and need at least 32gb of ram Most importantly is reliability where I've had good experience with dell but not...
Post #148071496 added 06-23-2021 12:27 PM by twostepopper in Deal Talk
So you pulled the trigger? I'm seeing the other one that's a "deal" is the Dell G15 with the i5 and GTX 1650 4gb.. that's $650 with code STUDENT100 + another 10% cash back from Rak u ten .com......
Post #148071082 added 06-23-2021 12:11 PM by EvilTechie in Deal Talk
Same here, I'm buying it to give to my designers
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