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Post #148119631 added 06-25-2021 1:53 PM by essix8 in Deal Talk
Depends on the content someone is making. This wouldnt be ideal for someone editing a ton of 4k HDR videos or heavy 3D modeling, but would be great for stuff like a concept artist for building...
Post #148118539 added 06-25-2021 12:59 PM by blessedsword1992 in Deal Talk
Can you tell me the workload temperature of your i7 dell? I did try the i7 11th on Asus 13 flip, Asus duo but always get throttling. So I decided not to buy an i7 thin light laptop that cannot handle...
Post #148117252 added 06-25-2021 12:02 PM by SteveA7911 in Deal Talk
Seems like a lot of money for an I5. Though the MB fully supports this I5 and 21 hours is very impressive. It is impressive seeing that the Thunderbolt 4 is available for use. I can certainly...
Post #148115662 added 06-25-2021 10:57 AM by adarkstar in Deal Talk
These are very light weight, used at the Zoolander School for Children who can't Create Good.
Post #148114924 added 06-25-2021 10:22 AM by essix8 in Deal Talk
This is a highly mobile creators laptop, youre paying for the quality screen, extremely fast 16GB of RAM, touch screen+stylus, form factor, etc. This is for professional, educational, and creative...
Post #148113256 added 06-25-2021 9:19 AM by jwhite326 in Deal Talk
Was this ever actually in stock? Now it says, "In Stock Soon," with an expected delivery of three weeks. Is that very reliable? (I don't know.) I have last year's LG Gram 17" version and I...
Post #148112383 added 06-25-2021 8:41 AM by APhamX in Deal Talk
Low performance...? G7 Xe GPU, 21 hours of battery life 4c/8t w/ 4.2 boost.. Low performance? This isn't meant to be a workstation or playing AAA games... It's like there's different types of laptops...
Post #148111315 added 06-25-2021 7:59 AM by xtp in Deal Talk
I wonder if this uses Lg's nano phosphor or regular pfs dope.
Post #148111069 added 06-25-2021 7:51 AM by agentsteve in Deal Talk
0.7 lb heavier (this is significant considering the regular 16” one weighs only 2.62 lbs). Other than that nothing I can see.
Post #148111003 added 06-25-2021 7:49 AM by Redflyer in Deal Talk
4-core low-performqnce CPU in a laptop over $1k. There's a sucker born every minute...
Post #148110526 added 06-25-2021 7:31 AM by PaulP6715 in Deal Talk
I have both the XPS9500 and the 16-inch clamshell version of this machine with the same 16gb but 1tb factory nvme and the 11th gen i7. It's definitely not not as rigid as the xps, but it's...
Post #148110304 added 06-25-2021 7:21 AM by ukraine_rules in Deal Talk
If you need lightweight laptop get Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. Great performance, very light and the price starts lower than this "sale".
Post #148110286 added 06-25-2021 7:20 AM by adarkstar in Deal Talk
notebookcheck review says "The weak hinges are especially disappointing as they don't give the sense of longevity we would like to have"
Post #148108990 added 06-25-2021 6:23 AM by blessedsword1992 in Deal Talk
The spare space and the extra m.2 slot are good to add a 4lte module or a egpu. You can see the detail here....
Post #148107220 added 06-25-2021 3:44 AM by pimpostrous in Deal Talk
Normally the touch screens retail for couple hundred more. Functionally it’s up to you if you like the ability to flip and touch to not.
Post #148103152 added 06-24-2021 7:29 PM by seaniepants in Deal Talk
Pros and cons of this vs a normal gram? Cause price is pretty similar.
Post #148102717 added 06-24-2021 7:02 PM by blessedsword1992 in Deal Talk
2k touchscreen display and using i5 11th are the perfect package for a long 🔋🔋🔋
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