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Post #148773730 added 07-29-2021 1:49 AM by eb50 in Deal Talk
Mine hasn't moved. Got tracking 3 weeks ago
Post #148651729 added 07-23-2021 9:32 AM by Guesticles in Deal Talk
That sucks. Mine are supposed to be in store pickup, but have been delayed. They refunded but recharged my account a few days ago, so still holding onto a slim sliver of hope I'll actually get them.
Post #148626469 added 07-22-2021 10:21 AM by eellsinoc in Deal Talk
Same for me … got my refund today 👎
Post #148612651 added 07-21-2021 5:30 PM by lightrules in Deal Talk
well 13 days later no tracking movement. just chatted with BB, said the item isnt available. so refunded. oh well.
Post #148589200 added 07-20-2021 1:41 PM by Guesticles in Deal Talk
Mine were supposed to be ready for store pickup this past Saturday, but they're reported a delay. No update, yet, and no items.
Post #148404163 added 07-10-2021 4:20 PM by Aulus in Deal Talk
Got all 4 tracking numbers, but nothing is in transit. Still hopeful.
Post #148391413 added 07-09-2021 6:17 PM by lightrules in Deal Talk
nice just got my tracking number
Post #148390036 added 07-09-2021 4:38 PM by FHRITP in Deal Talk
Good for jello wrestling
Post #148389238 added 07-09-2021 3:45 PM by lightrules in Deal Talk
yes I will do that for you, for you my friend special $99 ea but local pickup only.
Post #148389019 added 07-09-2021 3:32 PM by rly723 in Deal Talk
What if I want only one of these, do you they sell it seaparetly?
Post #148388215 added 07-09-2021 2:45 PM by amarr in Deal Talk
Thanks, it was fun telling my wife I bought 4 inflatable pools. Already gave one away to a coworker.
Post #148388128 added 07-09-2021 2:40 PM by SharpPiranha590 in Deal Talk
Learn to jump between them like a glorious dolphin!
Post #148387999 added 07-09-2021 2:33 PM by C.May414 in Deal Talk
Save for when u don't feel like cleaning one lol
Post #148387987 added 07-09-2021 2:32 PM by VirginiaBob in Deal Talk
I never bought the inflatables ones, but highly recommend the rectangular metal frame ones with filter.
Post #148387903 added 07-09-2021 2:29 PM by Pittsburghfan7 in Deal Talk
Sold Out
Post #148387774 added 07-09-2021 2:23 PM by RyanS3695 in Deal Talk
I used these for two summers pre covid. Had zero issues with them but you do need to buy the filter that works with these. I wouldn't set one up without a filter.
Post #148387600 added 07-09-2021 2:16 PM by phillyirish in Deal Talk
I got one on clearance with pumpfilter last fall at Target for 50. I was excited for the “8 foot” pool, but it’s 8 feet where it bulges out on the sides. The internal diameter of the ring at the top...
Post #148387585 added 07-09-2021 2:15 PM by Hexagonal_Storm in Deal Talk
Reviews indicate it leaks easily, so you'll need the backups.
Post #148387561 added 07-09-2021 2:14 PM by pineapplekin in Deal Talk
Build the mosquito farm of your dreams
Post #148387543 added 07-09-2021 2:12 PM by rootbear in Deal Talk
Nope, no chance
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