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Post #148411183 added 07-11-2021 8:57 AM by Helicon_1 in Deal Talk
Sorry you missed out :/. I posted at 10am Pacific yesterday so the deal was up for almost 24hrs.
Post #148410736 added 07-11-2021 8:22 AM by ZeusyZeus in Deal Talk
Thanks op unfortunately not even 2 hours and the deal is dead. GameStop sucks surprised they’re still in business… bailed out by retail investors
Post #148409317 added 07-11-2021 5:27 AM by Wallso182 in Deal Talk
Didn't work for me, cost $45. Sad.
Post #148409209 added 07-11-2021 4:57 AM by Duck-of-Doom in Deal Talk
I’m still waiting for a ‘complete edition’ that includes the past two games’ levels
The ~$15 price is no longer available 🙁
Post #148408999 added 07-11-2021 3:51 AM by JollyLanguage6565 in Deal Talk
Dead. They jacked the price of Hitman up to $45+
Post #148408954 added 07-11-2021 3:36 AM by robd313rd in Deal Talk
Post #148408666 added 07-11-2021 1:53 AM by jmkh in Deal Talk
I just bought the game on eBay yesterday. Fml
Post #148407901 added 07-10-2021 11:26 PM by gerbintosh in Deal Talk
I just got Hitman 3 on PS5 from Gamestop. The code is not for VR, it is to get a copy of the PS4 game since that version has VR. PS5 version of the game does not have VR
Post #148406815 added 07-10-2021 9:41 PM by vandytom in Deal Talk
Just rewatched Agent 47 movie…still need to catch the PS5 sadly. But PSVR2 is coming 2022. Hope it’ll work for this. Trailers look sick.
Post #148406644 added 07-10-2021 9:24 PM by snout in Deal Talk
I was waiting for the price on this to go down...and it looks like that time has come! Got the PS5 version plus an EA game worth 99 cents to get the extra discount. Thanks OP!!
Post #148406251 added 07-10-2021 8:44 PM by Helicon_1 in Deal Talk
I got the PS5 version, yes. Maybe the PS4 version doesn't have this issue!
Post #148406200 added 07-10-2021 8:40 PM by AmusedApparel794 in Deal Talk
Have rep!
Post #148406059 added 07-10-2021 8:23 PM by Felon in Deal Talk
Anyone know anything good under the $20?
Post #148405810 added 07-10-2021 7:58 PM by CaseyRyback in Deal Talk
I believe the code is only for ps5 since it has to downgrade to PS4 to play VR. My code worked when I tried it earlier. PS4 versions shouldn't have to worry about a be code since vr is built for that...
Post #148405231 added 07-10-2021 7:02 PM by LilDealy in Deal Talk
Is the code only for the ps5 version? Because all unboxing videos I've seen for the ps4 version don't include any codes.
Post #148403968 added 07-10-2021 5:06 PM by SeriesBladeQuest in Deal Talk
Fantastic deal, but I've been noticing an unfortunate trend where Xbox versions of used games are $10+ more. Happened with AC Valhalla during the B2G1 free sale that made the deal a little weak for...
Post #148403737 added 07-10-2021 4:53 PM by Helicon_1 in Deal Talk
Glad to help!
Post #148402306 added 07-10-2021 2:48 PM by HiImDaisy in Deal Talk
Did not know that about VR mode being a code. Thanks a ton. Something to definitely look out for
Post #148401127 added 07-10-2021 1:07 PM by Helicon_1 in Deal Talk
Just picked up my PS5 copy - perfect condition used copy. Note that access to the VR mode is via a dlc code on an insert in the box. Some pre-owned copies may have already used this code up, but...
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