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Post #148579990 added 07-20-2021 4:55 AM by Dr. J in Hot Deals
IL's got direct flights to ROM from JFK for less than $580 a few weeks ago, Delta BE. Just be aware of what you're getting with BE; with Delta it's 0 checked bags ($60/ea IIRC), no advance seat...
Post #148579264 added 07-20-2021 3:03 AM by Intljoe in Hot Deals
I’ve just returned from Lisbon last weekend. Americans need a PCR test to enter Portugal, and a PCR or Antigen test on the return. A local antigen test cost me 30 euros, required an appointment, and...
Post #148542685 added 07-18-2021 6:24 AM by hustla in Hot Deals
It is true....I live in the Bayarea.
Post #148508071 added 07-16-2021 6:43 AM by Slacky in Hot Deals
Yes, the tech companies bring outrageous huge salaries to the area and bid up housing costs. Landlords start fires and do other types of illegal and legal shenanigans to capture a substantial portion...
Post #148486276 added 07-14-2021 11:32 PM by TenderBike4724 in Hot Deals
Are Americans allowed to go there without any restrictions? Quarantine, COVID tests etc
Post #148469656 added 07-14-2021 8:40 AM by ddnzero in Hot Deals
its not that much cheaper than other flight dates. sept has flights for 385 where you'll get better weather. also you don't need expedia. flights prices are generally the same across any booking...
Post #148465234 added 07-14-2021 3:29 AM by BeigeDesk384 in Hot Deals
So what does that have to do with flights and weather? Typical GOP bull sh--. Troll else where!
Post #148464406 added 07-13-2021 11:50 PM by mazafaka in Hot Deals
Tempting. Coastal drive from Lisbon to Porto is great.
Post #148464190 added 07-13-2021 11:12 PM by Putin in Hot Deals
Delta virus is there rn pretty badly
Post #148463920 added 07-13-2021 10:34 PM by Quikfinger in Hot Deals
What are you smoking?? There are plenty of great places in Cali like Oakland, fremont, richmond, riverside, fresno, compton, etc....
Post #148463785 added 07-13-2021 10:21 PM by fenton in Hot Deals
Is this an inside joke? She gets them frequently, no?
Post #148463515 added 07-13-2021 9:51 PM by WillM4470 in Hot Deals
Fly over to Ponta Delgada and check out the island if you get a chance. It’s Portugal’s “Hawaii”.
Post #148462615 added 07-13-2021 8:41 PM by anthonydotcom in Hot Deals
It's okay. SF is just as trashy as it is here in Los Angeles. Nothing to be ashamed of. Welcome to California, the land of the homeless, high crime, and high taxes.
Post #148462567 added 07-13-2021 8:37 PM by conana in Hot Deals
https://www.visualcapitalist.com/visualizing-the-u-s-airports-with-the-worst-flight-delays/ Here's a site ranking SFO as #6 most delayed, but for a major city, it is actually really good stats. ...
Post #148462564 added 07-13-2021 8:37 PM by bud8jr in Hot Deals
https://nypost.com/2021/06/26/san-francisco-run-homeless-encampment-costs-60k-per-tentsan-francisco-run-homeless-encampment-costs-60k-per-tent/amp/ Pictures don't lie.
Post #148462444 added 07-13-2021 8:28 PM by Locke_ in Hot Deals
Actual Bay Area local here too - I split my flights between SJC and SFO and never had weather delay issues out of SFO. I'm not saying it never happens, but the original message about needing 4-5...
Post #148460245 added 07-13-2021 6:09 PM by Binar in Hot Deals
Is Serra finally getting a FP? +10 TU and she gets it..
Post #148459303 added 07-13-2021 5:19 PM by VIP in Hot Deals
ITT: politics & weather. Nothing about the deal itself, which seems pretty good to me (if I lived anywhere near SFO)
Post #148458670 added 07-13-2021 4:43 PM by bud8jr in Hot Deals
Look at it before you comment. You can set your preferences to left, center, or right. Just bc Google says they are right wing doesn't mean it's true. I choose center as I am no party affiliation.
Post #148458625 added 07-13-2021 4:40 PM by moctezumax in Hot Deals
“Unbiased” LOL please….anyway cool stay away.
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