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Post #148621015 added 07-22-2021 4:39 AM by bfordmn in Deal Talk
I have not done OD Reward previously. When the T&Cs say rewards are limited to two items per member does that mean two of any of the individual items currently available for rewards (other current...
Post #148612423 added 07-21-2021 5:12 PM by BuyOrNotbuy in Deal Talk
My experience with OD Duracell is terrible. Leaks within few months inside the package , even before using. Does Duracell bought elsewhere also leak or is Duracell offloading defective batteries...
Post #148587211 added 07-20-2021 12:02 PM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
$19.39 online and $16.39 instore. so 20% off coupon is kinda useless if you can just stop by their instore and pm to amazon for $11.19. i used to pm these for close to $10.15 a pop. maybe...
Post #148582918 added 07-20-2021 8:20 AM by Edxzxz in Deal Talk
I can't find it now, but in a previous thread for the OD batteries deal someone posted a link to print a mailing label to mail inks in for recycling - anybody want to help me out and post the link? ...
Post #148576771 added 07-19-2021 9:12 PM by LivelySnail9373 in Deal Talk
It is on their website. https://www.officedepot.com/cm/rewards/exclusive-savings
Post #148569442 added 07-19-2021 2:08 PM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
unlike staples. if you used your rewards and your order got returned or canceled, your rewards are gone unless you contact them and ask for it, then they issue the "courtesy" coupon in return. ...
Post #148568560 added 07-19-2021 1:23 PM by bpvh in Deal Talk
Basically: Sign up for an OD account before purchasing the qualifying Rewards item(s). Sign up for an OD Rewards account before purchasing the qualifying Rewards item(s). Qualifying Rewards...
Post #148568515 added 07-19-2021 1:19 PM by bpvh in Deal Talk
OD Rewards offers themselves have nothing to do with the SD extension. The SD extension is for cashback not OD Rewards.
Post #148557040 added 07-19-2021 12:08 AM by whee2013 in Deal Talk
i did one of these deals once. I later used my reward points to purchase some coffee that I waited too long to pick up in store. Instead of crediting me rewards points, they sent me a check in the...
Post #148547236 added 07-18-2021 11:09 AM by MrSkeptic in Deal Talk
I don't do ink recycle, so the 20% (actually 26% with cashback) works for me. I'll try for the PM after the rewards are issued. If tthe rewards go away, no big deal, and I'l just return the items. OD...
Post #148547140 added 07-18-2021 11:04 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
i do it instore. show them walmart or amazon is cheaper. if you dont do ink recycle. just use 20% off and be done with it. we are cheap so trying to save a few bucks and recycle inks instore too
Post #148546501 added 07-18-2021 10:22 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
still not worth for cashback. cheaper instore. easier pm. recycle inks and/or look for some clearance items while at it too. pm after online or delivery could void all cashback
Post #148546456 added 07-18-2021 10:18 AM by MrSkeptic in Deal Talk
Good point. PM can be done after you get the stuff for online pickup or delivery. Or at the time of purchase in store (but there's no cashback doing that).
Post #148546306 added 07-18-2021 10:08 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
coppertop is cheaper elsewhere. like amazon or walmart. easy pm. usually $10.20 for 16 pack. perfect to reach $10. the 20% coupon isnt as good.
Post #148546156 added 07-18-2021 10:00 AM by jcnix in Deal Talk
Ugh, leak city. I keep hoping they'll do this promo on Energizer, but it's been two years since the last time. ...
Post #148546090 added 07-18-2021 9:58 AM by MrSkeptic in Deal Talk
Coupon takes 20% off to lower out of pocket: 11589685 6% cashback at one of the usual suspects. Also, PM within 14 days to get the price lower. Can be done online or in store:...
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