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Post #148609393 added 07-21-2021 2:00 PM by ginetoj84 in Deal Talk
thank youwoohoo
Post #148598728 added 07-21-2021 3:54 AM by Maxspeed1997 in Deal Talk
Thanks OP. Price matched with Best Buy so I could pick up without paying for shipping.
Post #148596571 added 07-20-2021 9:12 PM by dapretendr in Deal Talk
Thanks , even tried PayPal, with no luck,I gave up.
Post #148595950 added 07-20-2021 8:17 PM by LALALA000 in Deal Talk
It's different on each platform though. The experience is different, well at least for me.
Post #148595923 added 07-20-2021 8:16 PM by LALALA000 in Deal Talk
Looks like they banned you for some reason(s). I had the same problem before. It eventually lifted and I was able to buy again. One common reason is different shipping and billing address. You can...
Post #148593952 added 07-20-2021 6:02 PM by Pricetags in Deal Talk
I can't go down this rabbit hole again. I'm not dodging 200 lighting bolts among other things. Unless they go 4k with the remaster. I have completed this game 5 different times now. Sorry...gotta...
Post #148581439 added 07-20-2021 6:56 AM by lhymes in Deal Talk
On a side note, I’ve decided to replay all of the 7-and-beyond FF games again. All I have to say is it’s been too long. These games are timeless and so enjoyable to revisit. My only qualm is playing...
Post #148581259 added 07-20-2021 6:44 AM by tinsterhk in Deal Talk
wish it has battle fast forward/speed up option. Not going to spend my time level up...all over again.
Post #148575691 added 07-19-2021 8:07 PM by postaboy in Deal Talk
Thanks OP got it for $10 after $5 monthly PUR voucher.
Post #148575433 added 07-19-2021 7:57 PM by Peerless_Warrior in Deal Talk
How many times are y'all gonna rebuy this game? Switch2, PS5/XSX, Apple Arcade, and PS6/XSX2?! :lol:
Post #148575271 added 07-19-2021 7:46 PM by dapretendr in Deal Talk
Anyone having issues checking out on game stop, keep saying use another form of payment, been having this issue for months and end up having to go in-store to buy
Post #148575094 added 07-19-2021 7:34 PM by Rizvi1 in Deal Talk
Walmarts got it for $20 and best buys willing to price match but that seems a normal sale price. I'll hold off for something slicker
Post #148574854 added 07-19-2021 7:21 PM by Rizvi1 in Deal Talk
Oh damn I thought it was only the used one from GameStop that was $15. I normally don't mind getting a used game but I'm seeing comments on download code maybe being used making the second game...
Post #148574791 added 07-19-2021 7:18 PM by erhu563 in Deal Talk
Earlier in the day the new version was $15, which Best Buy was able to match no issues. Looks like new isn't available on the GameStop website anymore
Post #148574458 added 07-19-2021 7:02 PM by Rizvi1 in Deal Talk
Best buy matched the price of their new copy to the price of the pre owned?
Post #148574035 added 07-19-2021 6:37 PM by rainmanx2 in Deal Talk
Short story ...
Post #148573765 added 07-19-2021 6:22 PM by aquint5554 in Deal Talk
Listen to my story..
Post #148573687 added 07-19-2021 6:18 PM by FaithKnight in Deal Talk
Don’t always trust GameStop website inventory availability. Call your local GS and ask them to check nearby stores’ inventory. That’s how I was able to find the last in-stock copy within my county.
Post #148573558 added 07-19-2021 6:12 PM by NGed72 in Deal Talk
guess ill get it again x.x (bought on every platform since i love ffx so much)
Post #148572922 added 07-19-2021 5:38 PM by lisaroxroxrox in Deal Talk
I think this is a recent development lol
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