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Post #148603693 added 07-21-2021 9:14 AM by TimTam42 in Deal Talk
Mix up your woods. Toss some apple in with the hickory to moderate the flavor, and use mesquite sparingly when you do use it. You might try post oak if you want something that will enhance the...
Post #148601971 added 07-21-2021 7:45 AM by MrGrumble in Deal Talk
Don’t give up on mesquite one or two chunks with hickory with chicken and beef is yum. You have to work your way up on it, then you may be grill right on the chunks with a nice steak in no time. A...
Post #148601584 added 07-21-2021 7:25 AM by jaredalanmitchell in Deal Talk
I agree with everything said here. I usually use a combination of chips and chunks for my smokes. I am just using an ugly barrel smoker, but have found what works for me. The chips throw off a lot...
Post #148601179 added 07-21-2021 7:08 AM by gabe23111 in Deal Talk
Thank you. I'm going to give chunks a try on my next smoke.
Post #148601119 added 07-21-2021 7:06 AM by MrGrumble in Deal Talk
You are correct chips are quick and done. The large meats only obtain smoke for about an hour or so… the chunks ensure you get to that hour or more and are more fire resistant as many times chips...
Post #148601059 added 07-21-2021 7:05 AM by almondwalnut123 in Deal Talk
Deal is dead
Post #148600918 added 07-21-2021 6:57 AM by gabe23111 in Deal Talk
Curious, as I'm relatively new to smoking... why are the chunks better for the larger meats you mentioned? Is it because it takes longer to burn through? I've only done a couple smokes so far...
Post #148600876 added 07-21-2021 6:54 AM by Marvel11 in Deal Talk
I use to buy these at Walmart all the time for the same price. I switched to the pellets and they produce a much better smoke and flavor combo!
Post #148600720 added 07-21-2021 6:44 AM by MrGrumble in Deal Talk
I think chips are good for electric smokers or Weber kettles or small meats and fish. If you are doing ribs, turkey, whole chickens, brisket and shoulder/butts buy chunks or even logs and cut them...
Post #148582081 added 07-20-2021 7:32 AM by ThinBlueLine2 in Deal Talk
Hickory now showing $10.28
Post #148581580 added 07-20-2021 7:03 AM by forumz in Deal Talk
Oh, you're right! They're showing as $1.97 at my local Walmart for the chips.
Post #148578433 added 07-20-2021 12:28 AM by WatchMyScotch in Deal Talk
The 570 cu in bags you are referring to are wood *chunks*. I don't think you can get wood *chips* in 570 cu in bags at Walmart (certainly not online at this price).
Post #148578388 added 07-20-2021 12:21 AM by forumz in Deal Talk
These are really small bags, Walmart regularly sells the 570cu in bags for $5.50. edit: the 570cu ones are actually wood chunks, not chips like these. Walmart has these same chips for $1.97.
Post #148578316 added 07-20-2021 12:10 AM by WatchMyScotch in Deal Talk
Amazon has different Western BBQ smoking wood chips (180 cu in) at very good prices. Apple ($2.97 or lower with S&S) Cherry ($2.97) (SOLD OUT) Hickory ($1.97) (SOLD OUT) ...

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