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Post #148642108 added 07-23-2021 1:35 AM by Carlos9977 in Hot Deals
The coffee was a nice smooth coffee very dark just a slight chocolate taste not very sweet.
Post #148631167 added 07-22-2021 1:51 PM by SDDuck in Hot Deals
Community Coffee Dark Roast is the best.
Post #148624564 added 07-22-2021 7:54 AM by jimx200 in Hot Deals
Peet's sets the bar very high for fresh roasted dates to store. I often buy it within 10 days of roasting. Kicking Horse is located in B.C. Canada vs East Bay S.F. area.
Post #148624276 added 07-22-2021 7:37 AM by B.I.U.B in Hot Deals
Kicking horse poop.
Post #148624105 added 07-22-2021 7:28 AM by anubis57 in Hot Deals
Exactly; even better than level 5 in the Jackass Movie.
Post #148623913 added 07-22-2021 7:19 AM by the_scum1 in Hot Deals
I spent a lot of time in Canada and got this at the local store. I enjoyed every flavor
Post #148617331 added 07-21-2021 8:49 PM by JaredSD in Hot Deals
FWIW, I recently got two canisters of the 3 Sisters, and it is solid. The beans are a little moist and sticky, and the taste is most welcome. I like it. I understand it’s not the same blend as this,...
Post #148616179 added 07-21-2021 8:05 PM by xdragon in Hot Deals
Too many times this happened to me…stale coffee from s&s.
Post #148615915 added 07-21-2021 7:46 PM by mrburns in Hot Deals
Pete's has always been consistent for me. I do like kicking horse as well
Post #148614172 added 07-21-2021 6:29 PM by jdg33 in Hot Deals
wasnt impress w kick ass. petes major dick better. tempted on grizzly claw but then i would have to grind it maybe wait for sale
Post #148613200 added 07-21-2021 5:55 PM by cph in Hot Deals
The Grizzly Claw 2.2lb is actually the cheapest. $17.54.
Post #148612051 added 07-21-2021 4:47 PM by LEOMHK1.0 in Hot Deals
Most coffee sold by Amazon's S&S is old and near exp. date. Very different experience if it is bought at the supermarket.
Post #148610596 added 07-21-2021 3:11 PM by MadPup in Hot Deals
I'm what they call a reverse shill. My job is to insinuate that a product is crap in such a way as to mobilize the product's proponents to jump in and promote it. Crafty, eh?! :) It's like level 2 in...
Post #148610110 added 07-21-2021 2:41 PM by kabal57 in Hot Deals
At least it's not the lames at BRCC. coffee from any other place is better.
Post #148608538 added 07-21-2021 1:21 PM by Misterdobalina in Hot Deals
My non hipster palate enjoys it
Post #148608397 added 07-21-2021 1:13 PM by Nuocmamstyle in Hot Deals
Wonder why its sooo $$$ in stores??? It's liek one of the most expensive brands.
Post #148605349 added 07-21-2021 10:34 AM by harpsm in Hot Deals
I've read through a bunch of recent threads on Kicking Horse and that has never been the consensus. As The Dude would say, "That's just, like, your opinion, man."
Post #148604839 added 07-21-2021 10:08 AM by OctaneZ in Hot Deals
Dead, prices are up, at least for me
Post #148604329 added 07-21-2021 9:44 AM by dabargainhunter in Hot Deals
coupon appeared on both 3Sisters & Grizzly Claw plus, as fattstax pointed out, it also reappears if you only ordered 1 unit. Thanks OP.
Post #148603360 added 07-21-2021 8:56 AM by mhurne in Hot Deals
Grizzly Claw as a dark roast is the same price:...
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