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Post #148651222 added Yesterday 9:15 AM by Shqype in Hot Deals
If this was $150 I'd be in. Otherwise gonna spend more for newer specs.
Post #148641895 added Yesterday 12:52 AM by HamHB in Hot Deals
6ms and i don't think I'll get used to curve screens I like simple things and i have no problem with Flat screens whatsoever.
Post #148636162 added 07-22-2021 6:17 PM by capplanet2704 in Hot Deals
This is perfectly fine for an 11 year old. Though I would likely be looking for a 32" with similar specs.
Post #148636132 added 07-22-2021 6:15 PM by capplanet2704 in Hot Deals
Most monitors are 5ms. So this ain't bad. Also, if you have a 1ms, most likely it's not true 1ms. They usually add a fake setting to monitors to advertise 1ms, but that setting overshoots and it's...
Post #148635331 added 07-22-2021 5:39 PM by PhillyChad in Hot Deals
Can anyone help me out? Looking for a gaming monitor for my 11yo grandson running a PS4. would like to spend $200... or less... preferably less, lol Thanx!
Post #148631749 added 07-22-2021 2:26 PM by PANZERFAUST in Hot Deals
144hz adds to the price when you could just pay for a normal 1440p 60hz monitor
Post #148629091 added 07-22-2021 12:21 PM by GlobWarmNoGood in Hot Deals
Any cons using it for non gaming purpose? TIA
Post #148624498 added 07-22-2021 7:49 AM by thisguyneil in Hot Deals
Thanks scooby, zoinks
Post #148622977 added 07-22-2021 6:33 AM by mattbslick in Hot Deals
I would assume the 4K @ 60hz, so it's hard to compare it to a 1440p @ 144hz. Yes the resolution will be better, but if you have not experienced a higher refresh monitor, you should try it if you are...
Post #148622959 added 07-22-2021 6:31 AM by mattbslick in Hot Deals
I play competitive FPS games at high frames on a high refresh monitor -> CoD: Warzone / Cold War at max settings 1440p and getting 220-240fps. Other games are typically FPS games as well (Doom, CSGO,...
Post #148620871 added 07-22-2021 4:10 AM by ThembiJCB3X in Hot Deals
Thank you, Discombobulated.
Post #148620535 added 07-22-2021 2:56 AM by webtitan in Hot Deals
$90 to return ship something to this company Returns are not free.
Post #148619971 added 07-22-2021 2:07 AM by drac in Hot Deals
I don't know about this since I haven't done a comparison visually myself, but that's similar to what people said about 1080p and 720p way back when. It was completely noticeable the difference...
Post #148618615 added 07-21-2021 10:56 PM by onirrapdivad in Hot Deals
Is there any advantage of getting QHD vs 4k for a monitor? I use a QHD at work and love it. Currently considering a new monitor at home. Was looking at this one but I noticed that monoprice has some...
Post #148617526 added 07-21-2021 9:04 PM by TinN2838 in Hot Deals
bought it on the last price drop and I love it. Works great and honestly happy that I didn't drop 350 on a similar monitor brand. (have had it 3 months no problems)
Post #148614937 added 07-21-2021 7:01 PM by jrm523 in Hot Deals
Thank you for this. All of these elitist who think 6ms is brutal or that you can tell the difference between 6ms and 1ms are full of shit.
Post #148613728 added 07-21-2021 6:12 PM by feldman011teen in Hot Deals
Why do you have a 3090 to game at 1440
Post #148612840 added 07-21-2021 5:38 PM by scholzpdx in Hot Deals
This comment is complete nonsense. https://www.jneurosci.org/content/26/15/3981
Post #148611943 added 07-21-2021 4:40 PM by HeN in Hot Deals
I bought one last year with similar specs and different product id which no longer exists on their site. “40773 Monoprice 27in Zero-G Curved Gaming Monitor - 1500R, 2560x1440p, QHD, 144Hz,...
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