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Post #148781551 added Yesterday 10:08 AM by cdkee in Hot Deals
Thanks. Already have 1, just ordered two more. Never know if we're going to have more fires on the west coast.
Post #148774618 added Yesterday 5:01 AM by BraveSpaniel9510 in Hot Deals
You can find them on Amazon. The genuine filters are $56 per year right now and there are plenty of alternative filters out there for a lot cheaper with alot of reviews. Found two years worth of...
Post #148773229 added 07-28-2021 11:49 PM by goatee87 in Hot Deals
I have the same question, not really sure what it even does.
Post #148769668 added 07-28-2021 6:42 PM by CyanGuide878 in Hot Deals
Where can I get the filter replacement for this?
Post #148764250 added 07-28-2021 1:41 PM by BraveSpaniel9510 in Hot Deals
Mine just came in. This thing is awesome. Kind of surprised how much air such a small machine can move. I have the largest Honeywell and this one's quieter than it and seems to move a lot more air...
Post #148751833 added 07-27-2021 7:41 PM by striders in Hot Deals
I have 3 of Coway air purifier. They work great, but Coway started to jack up the price for the replacement filter. It was $25-ish before and now it sells for $50. Too expensive IMHO.
Post #148727026 added 07-26-2021 2:06 PM by qweewq11 in Hot Deals
One earlier post said this model will accept the upgraded filter that uses carbon pellets, while two posts up says it does not. Can anyone clarify? I’d like to use the filter with the carbon pellets...
Post #148726360 added 07-26-2021 1:45 PM by pocketchange in Hot Deals
Good price on 2 sets of replacement HEPA and carbon filters: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VWVR7BK
Post #148722805 added 07-26-2021 10:45 AM by FairHerring7015 in Hot Deals
In case anyone wanted to have double filters, these only fit the Hepa. Other models fit 2 filters; a filter containing carbon PIECES and the Hepa filter. This filter includes a carbon sheet.
Post #148717270 added 07-26-2021 6:13 AM by odie91 in Hot Deals
Yes I did
Post #148715758 added 07-26-2021 5:03 AM by BraveSpaniel9510 in Hot Deals
Did you unwrap the filters?
Post #148712374 added 07-25-2021 8:09 PM by odie91 in Hot Deals
WOW I just received mine today and the filter has a toxic smelling odor. Does anyone else notice it? I've permanently lost about half my sense of smell, and I could even smell this odor so it must...
Post #148707265 added 07-25-2021 3:46 PM by MagicBlueMan in Hot Deals
Grrr...somehow I missed this model had an ionizer. Definitely don't turn it on. I'm returning mine...I'm opposed to it on principle: ...
Post #148702030 added 07-25-2021 11:52 AM by TodayOnly in Hot Deals
i have the older style. you will like the black one.
Post #148701979 added 07-25-2021 11:51 AM by PoorAmerican in Hot Deals
Just picked up the black one for my basement. $138 with tax, free shipping. Solid deal. Thanks, OP.
Post #148699132 added 07-25-2021 10:19 AM by xanthophyll in Hot Deals
I think the debate is if/how much ozone it produces. You do NOT want to generate ozone in your living space.
Post #148695742 added 07-25-2021 8:08 AM by J03 in Hot Deals
The two pack link I posted still shows in stock for me. There is a 'single' filter listing for this unit too and that one seems always out of stock.
Post #148694815 added 07-25-2021 7:15 AM by chickdr in Hot Deals
Thanks for the info. The promo is 10% for me but the filters for this unit are out of stock....
Post #148678345 added 07-24-2021 10:57 AM by Irbis in Hot Deals
Additionally, if you're in DC or some MD areas, PEPCO offers rebates up to $40 for purchasing and installing ENERGY STAR Air Purifier: ...
Post #148670077 added 07-23-2021 10:58 PM by lester78 in Hot Deals
I just received mine today. It's my first air purifier. Do you guys turn on the ionizer? I'm seeing mixed reviews online whether to use the ionizer or not.
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