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Post #148848745 added 08-02-2021 8:13 AM by beggerking in Deal Talk
The metal is actually hard, rigid and cut out is extremely precise that is impossible to bend back exactly as it was before... Causing the button to constantly being depressed. I ended up taking...
Post #148846201 added 08-02-2021 6:04 AM by SkillfulWriter4041 in Deal Talk
Any experience with Lenovo support? I hear not so good things.
Post #148846093 added 08-02-2021 5:58 AM by KMan in Deal Talk
I can wait a while longer but it's just a matter of time before my 11+ year old laptop bites the dust, so not much longer. I'm hoping that fall or the holidays at the latest will bring some deals on...
Post #148845409 added 08-02-2021 4:35 AM by kelly72 in Deal Talk
saw a yoga at bestbuy 13.3" at around this price but specs weren't all that great.
Post #148845067 added 08-02-2021 2:50 AM by eegorr in Deal Talk
You'd prefer that it was broken? Did you try bending it back?
Post #148839172 added 08-01-2021 3:51 PM by jwtreble in Deal Talk
Thanks All! Pick up one for my son who is in High School and needed a new computer for homework.
Post #148833277 added 08-01-2021 9:05 AM by tangerinz in Deal Talk
I just ordered this laptop, so I would say this promo is still active. On the specification page for that specific laptop, on the top right, underneath the price, you should see a checkbox for $100...
Post #148832323 added 08-01-2021 8:03 AM by esoesoy in Deal Talk
Has this expired? I just signed up for studentdeals today so maybe that's I'm not seeing it, but can't find the checkbox to get that $100 off anywhere on the site or in my cart/checkout
Post #148831234 added 08-01-2021 6:18 AM by KMan in Deal Talk
Perhaps they still have some new stock left, or some unopened returns, that they can replace this one with. Or, at worst, a slightly used and returned unit in essentially new condition that they'd...
Post #148829728 added 08-01-2021 12:02 AM by beggerking in Deal Talk
it clearly stated in the specs its 250 nits but in reality, it really felt like 180 nits try it if you don't believe me.
Post #148829329 added 07-31-2021 11:08 PM by systemBuilder2 in Deal Talk
You are wrong mister, 300 nits. SAME SCREEN. SAME SCREEN EXACTLY.
Post #148828840 added 07-31-2021 10:07 PM by VioletFlag112 in Deal Talk
A pretty good price for this hardware. With the back to school tax free holiday in Florida (until August 9th), makes it even sweeter
Post #148828723 added 07-31-2021 9:56 PM by beggerking in Deal Talk
Wait until you see the screen... It's extremely dim. It looked like maybe 180nits at highest brightness. Screen quality does matter.
Post #148823764 added 07-31-2021 3:55 PM by superslickz in Deal Talk
Again just talking out of your behind. If that is the case, every laptop would be 2 lbs. Just give me an example and stop pulling bs out of thin air. Your first 2 examples were inaccurate. And...
Post #148823608 added 07-31-2021 3:37 PM by systemBuilder2 in Deal Talk
This model of Flex is only $500, has a faster 6-core (12-thread) processor (= 7.8 cores vs. this deal's 5.2 cores), 12GB of RAM, and a 300-nits (probably the same) display. A much much better deal,...
Post #148823383 added 07-31-2021 3:16 PM by beggerking in Deal Talk
I bought the Flex before I got this laptop... the Flex has really dim screen..although it says 250nits, it really felt like 200 nits at best even after replacing color profiles and calibration etc...
Post #148823329 added 07-31-2021 3:13 PM by beggerking in Deal Talk
well, as i stated many times, what you said is completely false and deemed false in my example where the metal deformed causes the power button to push down consistently. you lose. the extra...
Post #148823113 added 07-31-2021 2:53 PM by systemBuilder2 in Deal Talk
Yeah, you're gonna need a good screen to look at while you sit there twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the slow, laggy laptop, to produce some results ... Also note that the cores in the Intel...
Post #148823062 added 07-31-2021 2:50 PM by dogstar1 in Deal Talk
I appreciate the post, but that's a different class of machine -- for many people, the screen is the thing. In my case, 14" is almost too big. Plus "slightly dimmer" is a non-starter. 300nits is the...
Post #148822993 added 07-31-2021 2:43 PM by systemBuilder2 in Deal Talk
Here's a much much better deal : #1 best seller on NewEgg, $699, much much (100%) faster processor, more RAM (16GB), screen slightly dimmer (250 nits) but otherwise, better : Lenovo Flex 5 15ALC05...
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