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Post #149410372 added 08-31-2021 11:03 AM by Jeremytn in Hot Deals
Do people really feel like this is a deal. With shipping I feel like it beyond kills the deal and you can get a new Walker Edison for cheaper than you can get this shipped to your door. Walmart is...
Post #149116258 added 08-16-2021 8:52 AM by WilsonZhang83 in Hot Deals
Well most of the furnitures at this price point are made of MDF, however the design, part quality and instructions are different, I own those 2 brands and I would say Walker Edison has better...
Post #149096161 added 08-14-2021 10:14 PM by y2jasper in Hot Deals
Just to provide the counter experience, I've had the same stand for almost 3 years, and it's gone through 2 moves, with no issue. I'm not going to say that it's high quality material, but in my...
Post #149096101 added 08-14-2021 10:08 PM by alancontestor in Hot Deals
The Walker Edison (https://www.amazon.com/WE-Furniture-W58BDSDGW-Barn-Stand/dp/B01MU60Y44/) look exactly the same, with the same material "high-grade MDF". Aside from the name, is there really any...
Post #148846918 added 08-02-2021 6:29 AM by AmritS in Hot Deals
Man I like this, but won't fit my center Infinity reference rc263
Post #148838431 added 08-01-2021 2:46 PM by DataMeister in Hot Deals
Nope. Because if you notice the Stone Grey is also made from the crappy MDF.
Post #148838401 added 08-01-2021 2:44 PM by DataMeister in Hot Deals
You'd probably want something like this (if you didn't want a big cabinet). https://www.amazon.com/VIVO-Floating-Tempered-Streaming-MOUNT-SF011/dp/B01LDOZL28/
Post #148834690 added 08-01-2021 10:34 AM by cbrunocme in Hot Deals
Mine just got delivered today and it says Walker Edison on the box.
Post #148814374 added 07-30-2021 11:36 PM by R3DTR1X in Hot Deals
“Reclaimed barnwood” is that what we are calling crappy MDF now?
Post #148810984 added 07-30-2021 6:22 PM by slaveforthewave in Hot Deals
What a weird generalization for a company that sells thousands of different brands, everything from particle board to solid wood and everything in-between.
Post #148809337 added 07-30-2021 4:39 PM by NavyField6609 in Hot Deals
You strap all of your goodies to the back of your big ass TV. Welcome to the 21st century
Post #148808095 added 07-30-2021 3:35 PM by Jp84 in Hot Deals
Bough this last week from Walmart. Looks good after assembly but very poor quality. The screws to the hinges broke during assembly! Doesn't look like this is going to hold for long!
Post #148801843 added 07-30-2021 10:44 AM by RDZFW in Hot Deals
It is a matter of opinion, but I don't think it would look good extending farther than the stand width on both sides.
Post #148800184 added 07-30-2021 9:32 AM by kidplayer in Hot Deals
I just got the 77lg OLED would this not work?
Post #148800001 added 07-30-2021 9:26 AM by JacqueD2378 in Hot Deals
Where theres a drill, theres a way!
Post #148796542 added 07-30-2021 5:47 AM by WilsonZhang83 in Hot Deals
If you are not in a hurry, keep checking Amazon for the Walker Edison ones, sometimes they have used-like new without any description, that's mostly new ones, sometimes they delivered wrong item or...
Post #148796116 added 07-30-2021 4:59 AM by AndrewinMD in Hot Deals
This looks identical to the gray one that Lowe's sold on Black Friday in 2019, which I've had since then. Straightforward to assemble, though I remember that one part didn't have pilot holes, which...
Post #148794259 added 07-29-2021 10:31 PM by ApexLegends in Hot Deals
the delivery fee is $75 and there is no pick-up in store available.
Post #148791751 added 07-29-2021 7:05 PM by MattM9117 in Hot Deals
Shipping $75 for me Edit: Nvm I see you have to change seller to Walmart, thanks for good deal
Post #148791214 added 07-29-2021 6:30 PM by Phil17 in Hot Deals
I purchased this unit but with glass insert in doors so you can see all shelves a couple years ago and it still looks brand new. I used wood glue on all joints and oled is mounted to wall. There's a...
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