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Post #148970320 added 08-08-2021 6:22 PM by PhantasmX in Deal Talk
That's because the new ad came out 12:00 a.m. Sunday.
Post #148970206 added 08-08-2021 6:14 PM by SlickCreator4618 in Deal Talk
Looks like this is expired. No such coupon found. If this is still replicable, might be location specific/YMMV.
Post #148969600 added 08-08-2021 5:22 PM by Skratch16 in Deal Talk
Post #148962646 added 08-08-2021 8:29 AM by FrugalFreddy in Deal Talk
Has this expired. Not seeing the $5 off. Today is 8/8.
Post #148938190 added 08-06-2021 1:31 PM by joseaa in Deal Talk
I got some of these the last time around and I have to say i was upset originally because of a couple things. Mostly i was annoyed that Walgress did not list the ingredients of the soaps. I...
Post #148915291 added 08-05-2021 1:03 PM by CelestialD in Deal Talk
Not understanding this. We use it daily, and no black spots. We have very hard water with lots of ongoing issues with calcium/soap scum.
Post #148903900 added 08-04-2021 7:21 PM by bud8jr in Deal Talk
Order Summary Item subtotal:$6.28 Pickup:FREE Sales Tax:$0.44 Manufacturer Coupons:-$5.00 Rewards Applied:-$1.00 Order Total: $0.72
Post #148903525 added 08-04-2021 6:55 PM by bud8jr in Deal Talk
Cut it in half. Problem solved.
Post #148882975 added 08-03-2021 8:51 PM by APlusIvyLeaguer in Deal Talk
For what purposes are you all using the 8oz soap bars? It's so huge that it's clunky to use in the shower and even for basic handwashing.
Post #148876504 added 08-03-2021 2:22 PM by kmsimpson in Deal Talk
I love Walgreen's, but someone needs to slap their webmaster. Their site is terrible!!
Post #148864924 added 08-02-2021 11:32 PM by Meier5272 in Deal Talk
Thank you
Post #148863766 added 08-02-2021 9:17 PM by Hornett in Deal Talk
Is there any way to get the coupons back if the store cancels the order? I ordered a bunch of things but these soaps and the 3 pack of tissues were both removed because supposedly they were out of...
Post #148862767 added 08-02-2021 7:53 PM by clinteastwood in Deal Talk
Economic refugees huh?
Post #148858339 added 08-02-2021 3:25 PM by JairoR in Deal Talk
I bought two black soaps in one purchase, then immediately two hibiscus soaps in another purchase, for a total of 4 dollars. All were available within an hour. I guess it depends heavily on where you...
Post #148855702 added 08-02-2021 1:15 PM by Slacky in Deal Talk
Apparently Wage Theft is the biggest crime happening at Walgreens, though recently they’ve also had increasing problems with shoplifting. Shocking that a company that routinely steals from their...
Post #148855324 added 08-02-2021 1:04 PM by figurehead in Deal Talk
Theft is likely the reason you are having orders that show in-stock, cancelled.
Post #148852243 added 08-02-2021 11:01 AM by Slacky in Deal Talk
Can we just start titling these threads “in for a cancellation and 15 minutes wasted”? I swear Walgreens outsourced their IT to the lowest bidder and then didn’t pay the bill.
Post #148852051 added 08-02-2021 10:54 AM by Steve_Armstrong in Deal Talk
Order cancelled by store and lost my $5 coupon as well.
Post #148850128 added 08-02-2021 9:35 AM by Mayteana in Deal Talk
Ordered this yesterday and it did not get cancelled. While they won’t give you the coupon back after an order has been cancelled, they will credit an equivalent amount to your Walgreens cash...
Post #148848319 added 08-02-2021 7:49 AM by Kiki72b in Deal Talk
I did but we shall see if they have it. Walgreen she’s been going down hill lately they never have what I need in stock
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