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Post #149033716 added 08-11-2021 5:16 PM by webdoctors in Deal Talk
Do both brush rollers work for everyone? One of my brush rollers don't work, just makes a humming sound :(
Post #148929163 added 08-06-2021 7:35 AM by c2nah777 in Deal Talk
Some could do that in the prior thread for this at $240, because they happened to get an eBay targeted coupon they saw in their messages that worked (I never heard about it because no one bothered...
Post #148928437 added 08-06-2021 7:07 AM by Mydiscover in Deal Talk
Samsung jet 90 with 2 batteries is a better deal at $150 then the LG.
Post #148928275 added 08-06-2021 7:01 AM by neotaruntius in Deal Talk
Thanks, I thought people were able to apply the targeted coupons which gave everyone another 20% off
Post #148921654 added 08-05-2021 7:16 PM by c2nah777 in Deal Talk
The coupon code is listed right in the OP. If you are on the eBay App, some have had trouble applying it. See the last several posts for advice if that is your case. APPLY COUPON CODE: B2SCRSAVING...
Post #148918939 added 08-05-2021 4:38 PM by theelite in Deal Talk
Got mine today 2 days after ordering. Looks brand new and all parts were included as advertised. Definitely happy with it so far and much better than my aging V6. Thanks OP!
Post #148912489 added 08-05-2021 10:34 AM by jumpinglobsters in Deal Talk
Just FYI, ebay mobile app would not apply coupon code. They even had it listed under item page and still wouldn't work. I used an incognito tab and was able to apply code without difficulty.
Post #148910128 added 08-05-2021 8:19 AM by RyzenM1 in Deal Talk
LG CordZero A906SM Rechargeable Cordless Stick Vacuum Plus Matte Silver 25.55 V to get 38 dollars off ...
Post #148903534 added 08-04-2021 6:56 PM by RobM4241 in Deal Talk
thanks! I canceled costco order after this because I wanted the fluffy one that was included on this deal.
Post #148900372 added 08-04-2021 3:16 PM by Ewing33855 in Deal Talk
So I've been looking at the Roborock H6 that has a hose built in. I have 2 of their robot vacuums. Thoughts on this versus the Roborock? Need a regular vacuum as well and prefer a stick one that's...
Post #148900294 added 08-04-2021 3:13 PM by c2nah777 in Deal Talk
This is too rich for my blood, but it is a kit from LG for $149.99 + ship. There is a sign-up 10% off coupon email list offer popup you could take advantage of. The kit comes with a few other...
Post #148896340 added 08-04-2021 12:25 PM by SwiftTone in Deal Talk
I'd like to vacuum the nooks in my car. Is there a flexible hose I can purchase to attach the crevice tool?
Post #148887916 added 08-04-2021 6:45 AM by c2nah777 in Deal Talk
You must have typo or some space or other issue. Coupon still works. Edit: See this post for potential help: https://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=148912489&postcount=85
Post #148884592 added 08-03-2021 11:38 PM by UniqueFang618 in Deal Talk
Yup, waited too long and it went out of stock :(
Post #148884151 added 08-03-2021 10:45 PM by halluc1nati0n in Deal Talk
Not able to apply coupon anymore :(
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