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Post #149632774 added 09-12-2021 4:39 PM by ash78 in Deal Talk
Fair enough, and I agree (though Maria was a pretty messed up situation with the electrical grid and contractor corruption), with the increasing volume of storms in the current cycle, and the rapid...
Post #149631214 added 09-12-2021 1:56 PM by FuschiaWater4022 in Deal Talk
In recent years? That is just the media. I lived in PR for 30 years. Every year there was a hurricane scare more than once. The media just plays with politics in recent years.
Post #149297902 added 08-25-2021 2:58 PM by Binar in Deal Talk
i'm wondering how he convinced her? probably he got her drunk 1st
Post #149297815 added 08-25-2021 2:53 PM by joshpa1231 in Deal Talk
Thanks for the info but, TMI !!!!!!!!
Post #149275429 added 08-24-2021 3:37 PM by lingdatangshopping in Deal Talk
deal expired -$315 oct 28 to nov 12 2021 status as of oct 24 2011
Post #149275390 added 08-24-2021 3:34 PM by lingdatangshopping in Deal Talk
price expired. sea to sju 2021-sep-24 to fri oct 1 2021 $405 as of 2021-aug-2021
Post #149171131 added 08-18-2021 9:39 PM by Singhsta in Deal Talk
Def looking forward to it. And the RUM!!!
Post #149157640 added 08-18-2021 10:35 AM by cnterfold in Deal Talk
This Sanjuanero got to live thru the recent heat dome in while in Seattle. I personally had never experienced summer so hard. 🤣
Post #149141926 added 08-17-2021 2:15 PM by ShrewdWren794 in Deal Talk
Puerto Rico is amazing!
Post #149134858 added 08-17-2021 8:31 AM by FHRITP in Deal Talk
Puerto rico is really cool. People are terrible drivers there though. You'll probably get hit and run so get car insurance. No one follows the rules. Check out Coamo Hot Springs. Nice place to...
Post #149118181 added 08-16-2021 10:36 AM by Dr. J in Deal Talk
My first reason for participating in the thread was to mention that I've looked into cruises out of SJ and ultimately my decision was killed by the fact that airfare seems crazy expensive. Here in...
Post #149118103 added 08-16-2021 10:32 AM by Dr. J in Deal Talk
Delta has split economy into "basic" and "main cabin". They're the same physical seats, but basic, being cheaper, has limited checked baggage options, no predefined seating, and limited ticket...
Post #149118007 added 08-16-2021 10:27 AM by Dr. J in Deal Talk
The whole battle over which airline sucks the most is old, it's all anecdotes. I wound up flying AA several times for business/personal the earlier part of the year, for the most part when I fly...
Post #149117815 added 08-16-2021 10:18 AM by therevenant in Deal Talk
I cant say on the price, but I would argue that if you want a good price Delta is the way to go. Upgrade to the level above economy (cant think of what they call it) for 20$ or so, and rack up those...
Post #149117791 added 08-16-2021 10:17 AM by therevenant in Deal Talk
Hm, I've flown with them maybe 10 times this year so far and haven't had a cancelled flight yet. Of course thats not scripture, maybe I just got lucky. My gripe is the legroom, the arm rests, and the...
Post #149116546 added 08-16-2021 9:11 AM by MadPup in Deal Talk
So what is a good airline for this route and what is a good price for that?
Post #149116192 added 08-16-2021 8:49 AM by Undefined.null in Deal Talk
I got to my location 15 hours late and am going to get home 30 hours late. I’m never flying America again
Post #149110603 added 08-15-2021 8:59 PM by Bigdreco in Deal Talk
Lookup autoslash.com.. I been using them for years and have never found a site cheaper then them.. I even use them when I travel to Germany.. also look for rental locations outside of the airport.....
Post #149106406 added 08-15-2021 4:32 PM by ISurfTooMuch in Deal Talk
If you want to stay in Old San Juan, I recommend The Gallery Inn. It's right above the ocean. Great family-owned place located in a cluster of 18th century buildings. From there, you're in easy...
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