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Post #149775943 added Yesterday 5:41 PM by pennySaver in Hot Deals
I was able to use this https://www.costco.com/technik-cabinetry-unit---%241.product.11618247.html Hope it helps you too.
Post #149770489 added Yesterday 10:32 AM by SuperBaloo in Hot Deals
Is there a cheap filler on costco.com I’m trying to use my 50 off on 500 for buying this
Post #149724280 added 09-17-2021 3:44 AM by boyzclub in Hot Deals
Yes.. it does.. you will get 4 years warranty
Post #149718421 added 09-16-2021 4:50 PM by AdyTexas in Hot Deals
Man, they do have engineers at lenovo... they probably save $1 for that DIMM slot, about 15-20 grams in total weight. Reducing failure rates? How many laptops do you know that failed module-to-slot...
Post #149715175 added 09-16-2021 1:34 PM by ponti in Hot Deals
How does this processor compare to the 5700U?
Post #149715013 added 09-16-2021 1:29 PM by kvjimbo in Hot Deals
In my opinion if they are going to solder in memory it should be 8 GB. 16 GB total is the sweet spot for most people.
Post #149705764 added 09-16-2021 7:58 AM by RicoS8832 in Hot Deals
Does the Costco credit card double the warranty from 2 to 4 years on this product?
Post #149700106 added 09-15-2021 9:08 PM by dealtrasher in Hot Deals
Got this today. the plus: Display is sharp. sound is loud the negs: mousepad sucks - cheap feel when you click slightly heavier build for a ssd laptop fan kicks off for the slightest of...
Post #149696704 added 09-15-2021 5:06 PM by b9b7 in Hot Deals
Thank you. I was also looking at the Galxay pro. Would have been an easy choice if this one had USB C PD.
Post #149696473 added 09-15-2021 4:51 PM by socalled7 in Hot Deals
Sorry that’s right I got confused with the Ideapad 5 deals - in general the 5 has Usb-c PD but the 3 doesn’t it seems
Post #149696446 added 09-15-2021 4:50 PM by di96 in Hot Deals
No, this one does not support USB C charge, the USB port is data only. No display out either. I'm returning this, for the galaxy pro, with earbuds $599. 8gb of ram downgrade, but everything...
Post #149696062 added 09-15-2021 4:22 PM by socalled7 in Hot Deals
No it seems like Ideapad 3 doesn’t have usb c PD - but ideapad 5 usually does…
Post #149695177 added 09-15-2021 3:26 PM by b9b7 in Hot Deals
Lenovo has weird card slot that makes a standard SD card adaptor stick out. does anyone know how to get low profile SD card adaptor cheaper than $20?
Post #149695099 added 09-15-2021 3:20 PM by b9b7 in Hot Deals
does anyone know this laptop has USB C power or not ? Thanks
Post #149691493 added 09-15-2021 12:44 PM by kaykatz in Hot Deals
Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated!
Post #149690551 added 09-15-2021 12:13 PM by gun.todd in Hot Deals
Yes. It was. It was cost and performance trade off. I remember those conversations. Cost down design changes. Component qualification for resistors and capacitors. I remember one project was to...
Post #149690368 added 09-15-2021 12:09 PM by jdixon in Hot Deals
Lol -- in a past work life, such matters were indeed important.
Post #149690227 added 09-15-2021 12:05 PM by PartyInTheUSA in Hot Deals
People paying $499 for a laptop and then complaining it doesn't have the quality of a MacBook pro. Seriously lol. It's a budget laptop, there are going to be compromises.
Post #149690131 added 09-15-2021 12:02 PM by wiggleparty in Hot Deals
Im about to pull the trigger for a school laptop, but curious is there a better deal?
Post #149690008 added 09-15-2021 11:58 AM by gun.todd in Hot Deals
lol you speak like a DIMM module design engineer. I know several of them about 15 years ago when module was a good business in SoCal.
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