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Post #150205240 added 10-09-2021 10:24 AM by peekaso23 in Deal Talk
I think this is over.
Post #149882674 added 09-24-2021 8:41 PM by CalmHome2113 in Deal Talk
That's more like it. I would be perfectly happy if they agreed to sell me just 1 at that price for the inconvenience (I ordered 3.) If they had cancelled my order via email or called me at the phone...
Post #149873377 added 09-24-2021 12:06 PM by Toby16custom in Deal Talk
Good success picking up my two cases, best luck to all. Thanks OP rep’d And thanks Office Depot ha
Post #149865439 added 09-24-2021 2:21 AM by brandysue44 in Deal Talk
Very nice. I ordered 2 cases. My sister picks them up and decides she's going to donate a case to her church. She's very sweet. I do use alot of paper myself, but still happy she did that. :)
Post #149858074 added 09-23-2021 4:45 PM by esterhouse in Deal Talk
I'm not mad that they cancelled orders. The problem was they sent people to the store to pick up orders without telling them they cancelled the orders. The friendly phone agent whose name was...
Post #149854177 added 09-23-2021 1:42 PM by pshah78tx in Deal Talk
I also called customer service as well and they will ship all 5 boxes for me for the same price plus free shipping.
Post #149849395 added 09-23-2021 10:39 AM by blunty in Deal Talk
Order pick up was simple at my store. Didn't even use my prepared argument about cancelling my order. The employee pointed to the shelf for self pick up. Grabbed the single case of paper. There...
Post #149848819 added 09-23-2021 10:15 AM by mcco99 in Deal Talk
I ordered yesterday and picked up this morning. Friendly customer service rep apologized for making me wait (all of 2 minutes) and then loaded the boxes into my car.
Post #149843785 added 09-23-2021 6:01 AM by Atnguy10 in Deal Talk
Went to the store and the manager said “corporate mistake” and didn’t even give me a refund. I chat with customers services, she gave $40 reward. She said I should get it in 24 hours. It has been 18...
Post #149843614 added 09-23-2021 5:43 AM by SlickMik in Deal Talk
My store canceled my order. I called customer service and they shipped it to me at the same price ( free shipping) Should be arriving today.
Post #149842648 added 09-23-2021 2:56 AM by brandysue44 in Deal Talk
My 2 cases have been picked up successfully about 5pm. :)
Post #149838556 added 09-22-2021 8:45 PM by CalmHome2113 in Deal Talk
Yep, and office Depot won't even honor the price for those who they instructed to come pickup their order. Guess the error was all ours - won't make the mistake of shopping at office depot again if I...
Post #149838100 added 09-22-2021 8:17 PM by CalmHome2113 in Deal Talk
No they approved pissing off lots of customers who were told to drive to the store & get their order only to drive there & leave empty handed. No cancellation email. No phone call. Not even a refund!...
Post #149838034 added 09-22-2021 8:12 PM by CalmHome2113 in Deal Talk
Yep me too. I can't imagine most other stores handling this situation this way! Not even now, during COVID when most of the standards of good customer service have gone out the window! Lesson...
Post #149837878 added 09-22-2021 8:04 PM by CalmHome2113 in Deal Talk
Honestly I don't. I have almost a case in storage that I might never use at the rate I consume paper! I was going to donate it to local animal shelters & rescue groups that request donations for...
Post #149837824 added 09-22-2021 8:01 PM by CalmHome2113 in Deal Talk
Oh lovely, that's their constellation prize? They have the world's worst free gifts. I'll tell them to put their UV sanitizer where the UV rays don't shine!
Post #149837533 added 09-22-2021 7:46 PM by freddy4play in Deal Talk
As a notary, I print off 200-300 pages or so for every document signing I do. Mainly mortage paperwork, so if you ever buy a house, that inch thick packet you sign. So if I do 10 signings in a day...
Post #149837416 added 09-22-2021 7:40 PM by prime93 in Deal Talk
Some resell. Some donate to schools. I purchased 5 because I teach high school but they canceled my order as I went to pick it up.
Post #149837206 added 09-22-2021 7:28 PM by CalmHome2113 in Deal Talk
Be glad you got any! I ordered 3 & got confirmation & ready for pickup emails...never got a refund or a cancellation. Went to store to pickup, & the manager refused to let me pickup the order since...
Post #149836663 added 09-22-2021 7:04 PM by markmedford in Deal Talk
I buy ebooks and then print them, for future reading.
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