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Post #151580089 added 11-27-2021 3:12 PM by NoelBovae in Hot Deals
Come Christmas morning there's gonna be 6 VERY disappointment kids out there..
Post #150097285 added 10-04-2021 8:27 AM by Acidblast in Hot Deals
Great find. Brings back so many memories!
Post #150094777 added 10-04-2021 6:16 AM by bluepanda in Hot Deals
I can't imagine how many people have been frustrated by the fact that this is an ornament versus an actual SNES console. I know I was when I saw the thumbnail.
Post #150085294 added 10-03-2021 6:58 PM by BrutusBeefcake in Hot Deals
That was my first console in 1982. My aunt owned a Pong home console I would play at her house, but I was like 4 or 5. Good times!
Post #150083770 added 10-03-2021 5:27 PM by IndigoCrib502 in Hot Deals
Great for practical joke. Got this item and replaced a real one with thia, then waited for the lulz to begin when it wouldnt turn on.
Post #150074140 added 10-03-2021 7:49 AM by scott78945 in Hot Deals
Can only buy one? Looks like they've limited it now.
Post #150067303 added 10-02-2021 10:19 PM by Tedusmc2009 in Hot Deals
This sht is crazy. The retrofit ps1 was at this price
Post #150054913 added 10-02-2021 2:56 PM by fiveohmxco in Hot Deals
fwiw i got this Hallmark NES controller ornament at my local walmart (louisiana) for $7.98 last night
Post #149994709 added 09-30-2021 7:56 AM by madmax718 in Hot Deals
Gift that keeps giving
Post #149978527 added 09-29-2021 1:05 PM by Frank_Nitty in Hot Deals
I might just buy this as a collector's item/souvenir... My nostalgic heartstrings are being pulled, "over 9000" :)
Post #149973388 added 09-29-2021 9:32 AM by Maverick1776 in Hot Deals
Anyone else have that feeling ? The one where you’ve never been so excited about a Christmas ornament till you’ve seen this ? In for 1 !!
Post #149970862 added 09-29-2021 7:35 AM by turbodog in Hot Deals
So sick, can't wait to play some F-Zero and Pilot Wings!!!
Post #149966497 added 09-28-2021 11:49 PM by SKV4m in Hot Deals
Merry Christmas
Post #149965108 added 09-28-2021 9:30 PM by SweetBearCub in Hot Deals
Historical reference dates work past the event date, not backwards. When people say "The world changed for Americans after 9-11" that doesn't mean anything to people before the event, only after...
Post #149964412 added 09-28-2021 8:42 PM by DIW90210 in Hot Deals
Historical irony that anything released on 9/11 is going to end tragically! Really unlucky date!
Post #149963722 added 09-28-2021 8:04 PM by Multivitaminico in Hot Deals
just got a PS5, why would i need this lol
Post #149962093 added 09-28-2021 6:24 PM by itsbchen in Hot Deals like $30-$70
Post #149960275 added 09-28-2021 4:39 PM by AJR214 in Hot Deals
People keep saying "$20 for a mini ornament". Do you guys not know Hallmark Keepsake Ornament pricing? Have you never been in their stores? I believe everything in Hallmark is marked up from the...
Post #149960107 added 09-28-2021 4:30 PM by SweetBearCub in Hot Deals
It's ok if I'm alone in this, but I see absolutely nothing at all funny about people confusing this ornament for being an actual playable mini system.. You know, since Nintendo has released mini...
Post #149960011 added 09-28-2021 4:26 PM by SweetBearCub in Hot Deals
heh, older than that. The Atari 2600 was released in the North American market on September 11th, 1977.
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