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Post #150248890 added 10-11-2021 6:40 PM by ToolDeals in Hot Deals
No, I thought maybe you could return the parts you purchased.
Post #150244576 added 10-11-2021 2:29 PM by SeymourButz in Hot Deals
I have this vac (got it a couple years ago on some deal and it also included those free bags). I've never used them--I usually empty the vac'd up crud pretty quickly. Just got another vac on this...
Post #150239725 added 10-11-2021 10:34 AM by lepa71 in Hot Deals
Yes, I checked. It is 6.5 peak. It had a label "Free Gratitude 2 free High-Efficiency Bags"
Post #150236506 added 10-11-2021 7:46 AM by jjv238 in Hot Deals
Are you sure you got the 6.5 peak and not the 5.0 peak HP….
Post #150226510 added 10-10-2021 4:06 PM by Arcticat in Hot Deals
It's an old model so can't return. When you look at the parts list many of the important parts are NOT available. It was my favorite vac.....the new one like it is too expensive.
Post #150218344 added 10-10-2021 7:44 AM by jeff34270 in Hot Deals
Nope, plenty of other retailers sell Ridgid. For example: https://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/vacuums?fetchFacets=true#facet:-1002827368717368&facetLimit:&pr...
Post #150218245 added 10-10-2021 7:37 AM by mitchflorida in Hot Deals
Only Home Depot sells Ridgid.
Post #150218113 added 10-10-2021 7:25 AM by lepa71 in Hot Deals
Probably because of the removalble head for the blower. Still plenty of suction.
Post #150217840 added 10-10-2021 6:57 AM by CurtW8952 in Hot Deals
Anyone know why this has about 20cfm less than the other nxt 6.5hp vac with a handle?
Post #150210454 added 10-09-2021 4:20 PM by ToolDeals in Hot Deals
. Always, right? At least the hose and attachments will fit a variety of brands and maybe the filter will fit the new Ridgid. Or, maybe you can return. Personally, I like at least two hoses...
Post #150210082 added 10-09-2021 3:50 PM by Arcticat in Hot Deals
Had the older version of the big orange Ridgid with the handle, turned it on the other day and smoke came out of the top. Just put a new hose, w/ all new attachments, the wrap around filter bag, a...
Post #150208831 added 10-09-2021 2:14 PM by lepa71 in Hot Deals
I went to the store and there was one with the label stating it comes with extra 2 bags included. None of the other boxes said so. I paid for it and opened it right away and there are 2 bags. Did...
Post #150206959 added 10-09-2021 12:18 PM by urmeli in Hot Deals
Do Craftsman filters fit this Ridgid vac? There are universal ones fitting both, but specs seem to indicate that Ridgid filters are 0.6 in taller than Craftsman ones. My Craftsman 12 gal just died...
Post #150205381 added 10-09-2021 10:33 AM by BrianH5624 in Hot Deals
I’m a contractor, and we have done all the vums including that big silver $200 monster. That was one of the worst. This is one of the best. And that blower on top is handy. Just got to get filters...
Post #150202645 added 10-09-2021 7:33 AM by jeff34270 in Hot Deals
Emerson owns Ridgid. Home Depot is just one of several retailers that sell them.
Post #150197860 added 10-08-2021 9:35 PM by ToolDeals in Hot Deals
. BEST 6.5 HP Wet / Dry Shop Vac Competition
Post #150196840 added 10-08-2021 8:16 PM by Arcticat in Hot Deals
Which one? Mine just burned out. Why are the pro ones not on HD's site, I thought they owned Ridgid?
Post #150193732 added 10-08-2021 5:03 PM by OzJodo in Hot Deals
Thanks! But I have a neighbor with fine screen gutter guards… and a little tree growing out of a gutter. To which I thought, if I have to still clean them AND take them off? Nope not paying for that...
Post #150189085 added 10-08-2021 1:23 PM by JTSchmidt in Hot Deals
Waiting for the Ridgid Pro Vac to go onsale. Currently it’s $140 atm.
Post #150188836 added 10-08-2021 1:11 PM by abtronic in Hot Deals
She is a beauty. I installed a vortex system on top using youtube as reference. I love this vacuum. Lifetime warranty from rigid is the best. Make sure to register.
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